Oct 22, 2014

And M&M makes 3!

Coming this March, a little M&M will be joining our family!! This is the biggest reason that I've fallen silent on my little blog. I've kept a baby journal so I wouldn't forget anything but still didn't have to spill the beans until we were ready.

We had two announcements in mind and couldn't choose between the two! We used the top one on Facebook and we didn't really announce it. We changed our pictures to this and let people figure it out on their own. It took about 2 minutes for someone to guess! I posted the bottom one on Instagram at the same time.

We wanted to get creative but not go over the top on announcing the news. We've been called M&M since we started dating so it just seemed like a great way to tell the world! I bought the Army onesie about a week after we found out and just knew I wanted to get the picture of all 3 of them together when we were ready!

I still can't believe I'm going to be a mom so soon! We are ecstatic! I've been taking pictures off and on through the first trimester and started weekly pictures at 12 weeks. I'll be posting all of those over the next week so sorry for the post overload.


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