Aug 11, 2014

Hello old friend!

I've come up for air!

I've always loved Summer. As a kid, it meant runner around barefoot, sprinklers, and no homework. In college it meant not having to pay for as much stuff, living at home, and seeing some of my favorite people on a regular basis. Now that I've wandered off into full-time adulthood (otherwise known as working all Summer) it looks rather different.

This was the first Summer I've been away from my hometown. The first where I didn't have a Summer "full-time" job but a job that I've had for months. Every weekend was packed full of plans and there was really only a couple of weekends where we got to sit at home. There were definitely not enough bonfires and motorcycle rides for my liking. I had heard that Summer is busy when you're older but man, it's exhausting.

It's not all bad though! There were plenty of laughs and a few weekends that were filled with good memories. There was happy news and loads of family time! We even found ourselves going for more walks than I think we ever have which was Gage approved of course.

I'm always sad to see the carefree Summer disappear but I'm happy to see Fall making its way in. I've been feeling so disconnected and in my own little world lately. I'm ready to make more time for old friends and activities that have fallen to the side.

Here's to a happy Monday and hoping to show my face around here a little more often!


P.s. A dear friend's husband just deployed and their family could really use your prayers today and in the future!


  1. I'm ready for fall too!! Although not so sure how I feel about winter following it up! :-/


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