Aug 29, 2014

Rambling Before the Weekend

The days seem to be so busy that I don't have time to think, let alone sit down to write out a post. The school year has started which means my weekends will be less planned out and for that I'm thankful!

Lately I've been so focused on making it through the day (more on that news another day) so life has gotten a bit neglected. Laundry and dishes have piled up, grocery shopping has been rare, and poor Gage hasn't been getting the attention he deserves. M has been amazing, helping take care of me whenever he can, so he hasn't had much time either.

I've slowly learned that the older you get, the more your responsibilities grow. I don't hate a lot of the typical things adults complain about but I wish I could slow time down! When I get overwhelmed with the amount of things I need to do I tend to ignore them all. I've never been good at prioritizing my time and procrastinating is an easy escape. I love to plan out all the things I need to do. Checking things off my list feels even better. Yet getting those things done feels impossible!

I think I try to get too many things done in one day and then I wear myself out. The second I sit down on the couch, all hope goes out the window. I swear, the only time our apartment is even semi clean is about 1 hour before we have company coming. It's getting ridiculous! Please tell me I'm not the only one who struggles with this?

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this post other than I have some serious improvements I need to be making in my daily routine! The long weekend is sure to be filled with house work but just as much relaxing as well. Here's to a long and relaxing weekend for all of you! Happy Labor Day weekend, friends!


Aug 11, 2014

Hello old friend!

I've come up for air!

I've always loved Summer. As a kid, it meant runner around barefoot, sprinklers, and no homework. In college it meant not having to pay for as much stuff, living at home, and seeing some of my favorite people on a regular basis. Now that I've wandered off into full-time adulthood (otherwise known as working all Summer) it looks rather different.

This was the first Summer I've been away from my hometown. The first where I didn't have a Summer "full-time" job but a job that I've had for months. Every weekend was packed full of plans and there was really only a couple of weekends where we got to sit at home. There were definitely not enough bonfires and motorcycle rides for my liking. I had heard that Summer is busy when you're older but man, it's exhausting.

It's not all bad though! There were plenty of laughs and a few weekends that were filled with good memories. There was happy news and loads of family time! We even found ourselves going for more walks than I think we ever have which was Gage approved of course.

I'm always sad to see the carefree Summer disappear but I'm happy to see Fall making its way in. I've been feeling so disconnected and in my own little world lately. I'm ready to make more time for old friends and activities that have fallen to the side.

Here's to a happy Monday and hoping to show my face around here a little more often!


P.s. A dear friend's husband just deployed and their family could really use your prayers today and in the future!