May 6, 2014


Sometimes readjusting to life is hard. My husband is finally back home "for good" as many people have put it but that doesn't mean it's all sunshine and roses. In fact, quite the opposite! I lived by myself for almost 6 months and so did M (well, he lived with other people but you get what I mean).  I didn't realize it until after he came home but I picked up some pretty intense cleaning habits while he was gone. I was lonely so I filled my time with cleaning. Some days/weeks I left it a mess but for the most part, I cleaned like crazy.

When M came home, he kept telling me to relax and leave the mess for later. I would get so frustrated because I thought the reverse. Clean the mess now and then you can relax all you want! I couldn't stop myself. I finally agreed to "leave it for later" but on the inside the mess was stressing me out. I was trying not to bring up the mess or nag at him for help because I didn't want to start a fight. He had just come home, it was supposed to be a happy time not a stressful one. I finally got to the point where I just sat down and cried. Not one thing set it off but it just built up until I couldn't hold it in. We sat down and figured out a new cleaning routine that would help solve the problem.

It's hard to let go of the way things used to be. He came back and I thought everything would go back to the way it was before he left. So did he. That's not fair though! We weren't the same people; how could you be after all the changes. We need to find our new normal. The new way of doing things that keeps us from being stressed. Life tends to change on you and there isn't much you can do to stop it! Here we are, knee deep in the mess just trying to figure it all out and all I can think of is how much I love him. To me, that's all that matters! As long as that love for him is still there, I know we will figure it out eventually.

So if you've been wondering what the Hansons have been up to lately, here a little snippet of our lives the past few weeks!



  1. I've learned over the 50 years grandpa and I were together is you will have a lot of new normals, when you have kids, when they leave home, when you retire. You're always having to adjust to the situation you're in.

  2. We had the same thing happen after my husband came back from working out of town last summer. You miss them like crazy when they are gone and are excited when they come home but you both pick up some new habits when you live alone and it takes an adjustment period when you finally are together again. Good luck!

  3. Yep, cleaning is always the worst for me when my hubs has been gone for awhile. I tend to have the same viewpoint as you...clean first, relax later. It's a little bit of an adjustment but you're so right, love really does make it easier!!


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