May 20, 2014

Bubble Wrapped

Growing up Mom could always tell when I was growing. I'd wind up with a ton of bruises on my shins because I would trip going up our stairs (I got really clumsy). I knew it was true and thought I'd grown out of it. after the past week I've had, I'm starting to wonder if I should expect my height to change! I'm also investing in bubble wrap because that's the only way I'll keep myself safe!

Last Wednesday I was trying to be a "good wife" and cook some bacon for my husband. I put one piece in, turned to grab another and pop! Bacon grease splattered my shirt and pants. I pulled them off right away but I burned my belly and a small spot on my leg. The one on my belly ended up blistering despite putting cold water and a nice pack on it immediately. My husband informed me that the burn looks like a certain male appendage. Really cute, right?

Fast forward to the weekend and we are back home in Northeast Iowa. I walk to our shed to throw something away. Gage came flying in out of nowhere and knocked my legs out from under me. Trying to keep myself from nailing my head on something, I went down back first. I caught the middle of my back on some screws sticking out of the door frame. I knew it was bad! At first the cut looked small but when we changed the gauze on Sunday, it was pretty big. It's in a spot on my back that I lean against when I lean on anything so it's been pretty painful. 

Sunday afternoon I joked about wondering if I could hurt myself again before the weekend was over. Should have kept my mouth shut! After taking some pictures for my mom and dad, we stopped to go shopping. I was walking around and stubbed my pinky toe on the leg of a clothes rack. Pretty normal! I checked and it looks like just a baby cut, not really even bleeding. I walked around the corner and it felt funny. I look down and my toe was gushing blood. Enough that in the time it took to get a bandaid and a paper towel, it had pooled up on my shoe and dripped all over the floor. The cut is so small but for some reason it bled all over.

I have been extra careful and I made it through yesterday without hurting myself. Then this morning at work my boss' dog hurt his foot. In the few minutes it took me to change nanny bebe'a diaper, he had tracked blood all over the first floor, on both the rugs, on a pillow, and both of his dog beds. It took 20 minutes to clean up the floor!

I've had enough blood and injuries for one week! I will spare you from seeing pictures of all the wounds but they're pretty gnarly. Needless to say, this is why I could never be a nurse or doctor. Thankfully none of mine involved the ER but you never know when it could happen! I've never had stitches, broken a bone, or had to spend time in a hospital and I hope that won't change any time soon!

What's the worst injury you've had? Were you clumsy when you were growing?


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