Apr 2, 2014

The Big 2-1

It all started with a glass of champagne and two leather jackets. That's how my 21st birthday started off. I slept in the next morning because I figured I could do whatever I wanted on my birthday. Eventually I pulled myself out of bed and made my way in to get a hair cut. I shouldn't even say that because it was a trim. For once, you can't even tell which was exactly what someone who is growing out their hair likes to see!

I got some coffee after that and decided I should eat a small lunch since I was going out for supper. I didn't want to be overly stuffed and not able to partake in the festivities comfortably! A few friends stopped over for awhile and then I had some wine while I got ready. I had about two huge cups of coffee and a sandwich for lunch so by the time I was finished getting ready, I was a bit shaky and feeling a little buzzed. That's pretty embarrassing! I had plans to eat with two of my friends but one had to head home at the last minute so it was just two of us. We headed out and arrived at one of my favorite restaurants here in Ames. Hibachi will forever be one of my favorite meals now that I like to eat rice! 

We walked in a sort of bypassed the line which confused me a bit. I looked over and spotted another friend but I didn't think anything of it because she said she was going out to eat with a friend (which I later realized was me). Then I spotted the rest of the group and I was so surprised! M had planned for a bunch of my friends to surprise me for supper that night. We all sat down around the grill and I stared at the drink menu for probably ten minutes straight. So many options and I couldn't decide!

Finally my friends decided for me and I ordered a big glass of fuji lemonade. That stuff was stronger than I thought it would be! A few shots and singing happy birthday twice followed along with being too tipsy to eat very much. A few of the girls had to head out but the rest of us went back to the apartment to hang out for awhile. My evil wonderful brother made sure I celebrated accordingly before we even left the apartment so I knew I wouldn't last long once we left. Tequila did me in at the first bar and I spent the next hour drinking water. I'd finally had enough not too long after my birthday was officially over and we headed to grab some pizza. They gave me a free piece that was probably four pieces put together although I barely touched it.

Let's just say I was pretty miserable on Sunday but I'd say thats a sign that I enjoyed my day! Recapping my night for friends made me gag and cleaning up the remnants in my kitchen was worse than I thought it would be. Even Monday I was still feeling kinda crappy but when it's 74 outside for the first time in forever you don't just lay in bed all day. I put on a pretty dress so I felt better and headed outside! I decided to try my luck at baking jack and coke cupcakes for a friends birthday gift later that night. I didn't gag at the smell of jack so I think I was fully recovered by then! 

I still don't think it's sunk in that I'm 21 but I'm sure that will change soon! Thanks to all my friends and family for the birthday wishes and celebrating with me. I definitely won't forget that night!

Day outfit
First legal drink
Part of the group! Since I wasn't planning on being surprised and drinking that much at supper I never got a picture of my outfit/hair before I started drinking. I could look worse I guess!

Found this in my pictures the next day. I can only assume I found it in the bathroom?
Not moving all day.
I think Dove was trying to tell me to get my hungover butt out of bed. Yep, it was not happening.
Hope y'all enjoyed my awkward recap of my birthday! I mostly wrote this post to remember what happened and to say that I'm still alive!



  1. Happy birthday friend! It sounds like it was an amazing day! :)

  2. Happy birthday Mandy! Sounds like you had fun celebrating!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet girl! It sounds like you had the celebration that you deserve!!! <3 <3


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