Apr 15, 2014

Missing the Sun

While M was away for the past three weeks at training, I didn't really feel like blogging. Unlike the past months where he was away for a long time, I chose not to talk about him being gone. When I sat in my apartment just a few days after he left for BCT I wanted to read about how other people dealt with someone they loved being gone. It really wasn't out there at the time so that's why I chose to write about M being away, even if it meant telling the world I was living alone for quite awhile. When he left for this training, I decided I didn't want to put it out there that he was away. I'm not sure in the future if I will talk about it or not, I think it just depends on the situation!

The past few weeks consisted of work, sleep, cleaning, a vet appointment, and desperately hoping the weather would warm up! We had a few days that were quite nice (70s-80s) but those were immediately followed by cold, crappy weather. Cool. This last dose of snow over the weekend really ticked me off. I know it's silly to be mad about something you can't change but I just want to pull out my flip flops and put away the winter coat. Is that too much to ask for? Here's to hoping the warm sun makes an appearance for the rest of the week!

The other thing I'm looking forward to once it gets warm is motorcycle rides! Man, how I've missed those. It's been since last August and every time I see one go by I want to shed a few tears. Since M is home, I'm sure we'll be heading home to get his "baby" in the very near future. I don't mind! I really wish I could learn how to drive the thing but unfortunately my tiny legs make me a smidge too short to reach the ground. Guess I'll be the eternal passenger! Maybe some day when we're rich, M will buy me a pink one I can ride around ;)

Anything you're looking forward to once it finally warms up and stays that way?


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