Feb 14, 2014

Valentine's Past

Happy Valentine's day friends!

Today I'm going to sit back and laugh at the people who hate this day. You see, just because you're single, does not mean you'll spend the big love day alone. Contrary to popular belief, just because you're in a relationship does not mean you'll spend heart day with your valentine. I look at today as a day to tell  everyone I love just how much I love them! The Army has my husband still so even though he's my valentine, I'll be spending it at work and then the night with some old friends. Some of who are single. See! I told you that single people don't always spend today alone. And if no one else is your valeninte, be your own! Love yourself! If I was single, I'd buy myself chocolate and flowers and Starbucks with a smile on my face!

Since I've talked about my plans for this year, shall we take a look at Valentine's past? (I had to stalk myself on Facebook to find these pictures, you're welcome)

2010 -- The 1st Valentine's day with my love bug :) We went out for Mexican food, he opened all the doors for me, I stared at him with puppy love eyes all night. Real cheesy stuff, folks!

2011 -- Our 2nd Valentine's day, M's first year away at college. It was a year full of big changes and we'd made it to the day of love! We went out for Mexican food (again) and frolicked in the snow! Of course there had to be a ton of snow that night. I vaguely remember something about our waiter talking about me in Spanish and me nearly falling in the ice! A graceful one I am!

2012 -- Our 3rd Valentine's day, engaged and living in the same town for the first time in our lives! Too bad we were too broke to do anything haha. We got all dressed up, he walked me to class, and then we ate a spaghetti supper together in the dining hall. It was fabulousy romantic and I won't let anyone else tell me otherwise!

2013 -- Our 4th Valentine's day, first as a married couple! Too bad M had to work until late. I think we may have cuddled for a bit before hitting the hay! We went out that weekend to an Italian restaurant. The food was okay, the service sucked, but we had a lot of good conversation! Then we went to a movie (the vow?) and came home really late! It was also the first time I tried to wear red lipstick and clearly that needed to be documented!

It's not all about being showered with chocolates, flowers, and gifts. It's about letting someone you love know that you love them! Then they can give you all those things after. ;) I hope y'all have a lovely Valentine's day this year, no matter who your valentine may be! And I love all of you for stopping by my little space today! I'm also hanging out over at Wifessionals today!


P.S. Happy Valentine's day baby, I love you! In just a few days I get to steal you back from the Army and I'm so excited! I'll see that bright smile soon :)


  1. Hope you have a great 'singles' Valentines day! The Army has my hubs right now too. PS--I loved your post on Wifessionals today. :)

  2. Love this! Ya'll are so cute! Sorry you had to spend the day without your hubs! :(


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