Feb 19, 2014

Short Girl Problems

Today's post will be short and sweet! Sorry, there probably won't be any pictures because I have none worth using on my iPad. Hope you'll stick around anyway!

I've probably talked about this before but life as a short girl has it's challenges. Last night I rushed to the mall after work to find a dress for M's graduation. I hate last minute shopping, especially when I'm by myself! I walked into the first store and they had dresses right up front. Perfect! I spotted two right away that I thought I might be able to wear and I kept browsing. Two girls walked up next to me and we're looking at one of the dresses I had grabbed. Very loudly the girl says "that's not even a dress, it's a shirt. There's no way anyone could wear that as a dress, it's too short." Now these girls were barely taller than me and here I was holding the dress-turned-shirt. I headed off to the dressing room and would you imagine that the dress went almost to my knees? #shortgirlprobs

Then I went to look for a jacket or sweater to put over the dress because hello, the Midwest is still stuck in Winter at this point. Maurice's was having a pretty good sale so I headed there. Too bad all the jackets in my size were on the top rack. I couldn't get anything down because I couldn't reach that high. Pretty sure I heard a girl snickering at me, I was struggling pretty hard. #shortgirlprobs

When I sit in my car, I have to have the seat dangerously close (I've been yelled at a few times by my momma for sitting so close) to the steering wheel. I literally cannot reach the pedals if I don't sit that close. No one else can get in the driver's seat unless I put it all the way back. Don't even get me started on riding the bus. My legs dangle off the seat every single time. #shortgirlprobs

I got to my hotel room last night and thought I heard someone knocking on the door. I went to go look through the peep hole to see who it was. Even my tippy toes, I could barely see out! This has happened on multiple occasions! When I stayed on post for M's BCT graduation, I had to stand on a chair just to see out of the hole. I felt ridiculous! Do they think only giants stay in their hotel rooms? #shortgirlprobs

It's not all bad though! I've always been the "tiny" friend. This gives me an excuse to wear heels any time I feel like it and no one complains about me being too tall. I've never had to size up in clothes because something was too short. The opposite usually happens! I have several items of clothing that I've been wearing since middle school. My favorite pair of leggings are from the children's department! People offer to let me stand in front of them when I can't see something or even put me on their shoulders (thanks hubby!) just to help out.

Some days being short is rough but I honestly wouldn't want to be any taller! Embrace what God gave ya and learn how to live life that way :)



  1. Yep, life as a short girl is rough :) I've always wondered why stores always seem to put the small sizes so high up. I mean come on...people that wear those sizes are smaller so put it where we can reach :)

  2. I know what you mean. I go through the same thing almost every day. I can't reach some of the food in our kitchen so my husband brought me a stool to use.

    Yet I wouldn't trade being short for anything. :)



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