Feb 3, 2014

Organizing My Goals

Can I just say that I was thoroughly unimpressed by this year's Super Bowl? I never really watch it for the game since I don't generally watch pro football but this year I tried to watch for a little while. I rooted for the Broncos (I have no valid reason for choosing them) and they. Got their butts handed to them. It wasn't any fun to watch! Usually the commercials save it but I think they were a flop too. Budweiser stole the show, they both put me in tears!

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I can talk about something of real value in my life. One of the reasons I chose to be done with school was to start my own photography business as you all know. For the few weeks that I got to stay home, I had tons of time to read all the articles I've been pinning and do research for this business. My main focus during the day now is my job which takes a lot of attention and energy. Much more than I'm used to dealing with during the week!

This means I can't sit around all day reading photography blogs and studying other photographers. I can't run to the courthouse to file paperwork any time I want. I have to do my editing at night and on the weekends. Honestly, I'd rather kick back and relax!

I know part of starting a business is working less than favorable hours! So I'm going to need to stay organized if I'm going to get anywhere with this. I've found a new reason to use my life planner since it's not full of homework assignments these days! I'm going to make a list of all the things that need to be done and all the things that I should spend some spare time on. That way I can pick two or three a week, put them in my planner, and gradually accomplish things without being overwhelmed!

I think the hardest thing about this so far has been learning balance. Yes, there is always going to be something more I could be doing! If I don't take a break to relax and do my own thing or set a time limit, I'm going to get burnt out!

One of the reasons I'm putting this out there is because I saw a few of my blog friends start a new link-up today. Kaitlyn and Ashley are both organized and motivated in their goals this year. I'm hoping they will help keep me accountable! I know staying on top of what needs to be done and keeping it written down in one spot will really help me reach my goals!

What goals are you working on this month?



  1. Balance is so hard. I've been working on mine for a month now, since school randomly started and I still have no clue what I'm doing :P

  2. YAY friend. I am so glad you decided to come link up! I will definitely help you stay accountable. We can work on photography things at night while the boys are away. I know that you can do it and find that time but remember to set aside you time too. One of my goals was to have technology free hour each night. It felt so great tonight to just sit and enjoy. Hope you have a great rest of you week. I'll be checking in on you! :)


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