Feb 5, 2014

No-spend January: Pass or Fail?

was really proud of myself this month. I'd been wanting to try a no-spend month for quite awhile but there was always some reason that stopped me. My friend Erin was holding a blog-wide no-spend month and I didn't have anything stopping me so I jumped in!

I did so well for 95% of the month. Not perfect, but pretty well! I only went grocery shopping once all month which is where I tend to spend a ridiculous amount of money. I did slip up and buy Starbucks once so I could stay awake on my drive back to my home town. I felt like that was justified even though it wasn't a necessity. I had a gift card that I used on pizza one night so I didn't spend any money there.

Then the big fail came. I've been planning on getting my iPad for quite awhile. It was something I felt was a necessity for my photography business. I wanted to use it during shoots as a back up when I blank out on new ideas which is something I really struggle with. Because I don't have a studio or place to takes clients to show them their photos after editing, I knew I'd need something that I could show them on. As I've said before, I don't have a laptop any more so that's not an option. The iPad was a necessity for my photography but I wanted it right that second so I could take it to work. I've been killing my phone by noon since I got this new job. Just a few days short of the spending freeze being over, I failed.

I'm not too hard on myself because I did so well all month and I've already used the iPad in a recent engagement session. Its being put to good use and when I get paid this week, it will be paid off in full. I'm going to try and continue this spending freeze this month with the exception of a Valentine's day gift. I'm going to get creative though so I'm not breaking the bank on that gift!

Have you ever done a no spend month? How did it go?



  1. I think it counts as a pass! I've done no spend months before and really what I get out of them is that your spending should be justified rather than just dropping money left and right without thought.

  2. The iPad is a total pass - it's a job necessity and investment in yourself.

    I think you did great when it came to thoughtless spending - you didn't do it!

    Thanks for linking up.

  3. I would definitely count the iPad as a pass! Even though you did spend the money, doing it for your business is an important investment!


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