Feb 24, 2014

Happy Thoughts on a Monday


Today I was thinking about what topic to post on. Sometimes I just need to stop and take a minute to remember some of the things I'm happy about ïevery day. The things that make me happy may not always be the same every day so it's worth the time to write them down. That way I can see how they change after awhile. So here are 25 things that I have to be happy about right now! It's not a link up but if you want to post on the same topic, I'd love to read about what's making you happy too!

1. My best friend being home again.
2. Gage snuggles every day.
3. Visiting home to see our family.
4. Friends who make an active effort to be in my life.
5. Full time job to keep me occupied and help pay bills.
6. Yoga pants- it's so hard to get on the floor and play with kids if you're in anything else.
7. Fresh banana bread.
8. Learning new "adult" lessons every day.
9. Clean water to drink.
10. Living in a time where I have the ability to make my own choices.
11. Getting bills paid long before they're due.
12. Having my iPad and not regretting the purchase.
13. Teriyaki chicken for lunch.
14. The "photography eye" I've started to develop. I catch myself thinking an ordinary scene would make a really pretty picture.
15. Overtime pay. Not very excited about all the overtime I'll be working the next two weeks but I don't hate the pay.
16. Taking the leap of faith to stop forcing myself to follow the norm (college) and start following my dream.
17. Making lists. I'm not always Type A but something about checking things off a list makes me happy.
18. Boyce Avenue Pandora station.
19. Dreaming big even though it's scary.
20. Developing vacation plans.
21. Disney Pandora station.
22. Blog friends who are more present in my life than real life friends. They are a huge blessing!
23. Pinterest recipes. Though I have to simplify some of them, it gives us variety in our meals.
24. An Iowa sunrise and sunset.
25. Passing my CPR certification this weekend.

What is making you happy today?



  1. This might be my topic for tomorrow's post, such a great reminder.

    Anddd I might just use the ipad one to convince my husband I need one ;)

  2. love boyce avenue!!! :) such a great list!

  3. I think I will write about this next week! Great Idea Mandy!! I love my best friend being home & Boyce Avenue!


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