Feb 6, 2014

Give respect, get respect.

Hey y'all, this is about to be a rant-y post just so you're forewarned!

I got home from work yesterday and the roads were still pretty crappy. It finally stopped snowing but the wind was causing big drifts everywhere. I walk up to my building to see that no one had shoveled off the entrance to our building. There are six other people who live in our building and out of all the times it snowed, I've only gotten out of shoveling it once. I usually wait a few hours before getting mad but the constant stomping of boots coming into the building gets old so I shovel it.

I realize other people have lives too but it really drives me insane that I'm always the one who has to shovel it. There are three other guys in our building (who are all in school so they come in and out of the building frequently) and I have not once seen them shovel. One is in the Army and has walked past me shoveling without saying a word. Sorry but from what M has said, they're taught to be gentlemen in the Army. It took me 20 minutes to shovel out the tiny space because people walked on it all day and packed the snow in. The wind hardened the top, too. It's a struggle for me to shovel it but eventually it gets done. 

What makes me so mad is that it seems like being a gentleman is unheard of these days. Guys rarely open the door for girls or hold it an extra few seconds for someone behind them. On the bus, I've frequently had to stand (I can barely reach the over head handle) while guys line the seats. I've even seen them pull that crap on old ladies and people with crutches who clearly need to sit.

Where are all the gentlemen? This is supposed to be the "manly" thing to do but I'm doing all of these things. I give up my seat when someone looks like they need it more than me. I always look behind me to make sure there's not someone coming before I close it. I open the door for elderly or people with their hands full. I smile at strangers. I wave at cars passing by! It's not hard to do, I don't understand why people act like it's such an inconvenience!

Think about that next time you see someone who could use some help. Maybe even help just because, even if they don't "need" it! My parents raised me right and I'll be damned if my kids don't grow up the same way. The only way to get respect is to give it people!

Rant blog over.



  1. Ah man girl, that would drive me insane!! You should make a schedule and post it on all of their doors. Assign someone for each day of the week and if it snows on their day, they are in charge of shoveling, otherwise you get to throw rocks at their door!

  2. I like Amberly's idea--just talk to them about a schedule. Maybe they don't realize that you're shoveling out of necessity not out of choice. I've also noticed that a lot of military guys don't feel comfortable helping out a spouse of another military man unless they ask--it's sad but there's a lot of people who take an offer of help the wrong way. I would TOTALLY just put up a schedule or call someone in charge.

  3. YES to the above ^^^ When we lived in Germany we had a whole month calendar where we were each assigned to shove and mop the common floors that we shared!

  4. I'm the exact same way, about holding doors open and such, I like a casual convo in line at the grocery store. But honestly now-a-days it's almost weird and taken as flirtatious when a guy is being curtious! It's terrible! Sorry you had to shovel snow!


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