Jan 27, 2014

Where does your dog hang out?

I have some exciting news to share today!

It all happened very quickly but over the weekend I landed a pretty sweet job as a nanny! As a part of my contract, I'm not allowed to really talk about the little girl or post any pictures but she is precious and I'm so excited about this job. It's pretty much full time every week although the schedule changes weekly. Some days I'll have to be to work by 6:30 am which I'm not pleased about but I'm so thankful to have the job. I will have to suck it up! I'm just nervous that I'll wake up late due to my track record with waking up to alarms.

Now that I've landed a full-time job, I need some advice. M and I have both been in school or had jobs that allowed us to spend time with Gage regularly throughout the day ever since he joined the family. I've never had to leave him alone for more than a few hours at a time. Since I'll be working 6-8+ hours every weekday, I'm not sure what to do with Gage. He gets very destructive when he's left out in the open to run around for long periods of time. I don't want him to be cooped up in his crate all day long either. I feel bad that no one will be here to take him out to the bathroom during that time.

This face makes me so sad..
So, I need your advice! What do you do with your dog while you're at work? Do you take them to doggy daycare?



  1. If he's destructive when left out, the best bet really is to put him in his crate, even if it's difficult for the first few weeks. (If over time he proves that he can be left out without accidents or destruction, then a transition to free is OK!) But the majority of dogs do enjoy having their own personal space like a crate, and I think you'll be surprised at how quickly he'll learn that when it's time for you to leave he's to get into his crate. Even though he's likely used to bathroom trips every few hours, 6-8 hours is not a terribly long time for a dog not to be let outside, especially an adult dog. If he does have crate accidents, and doesn't have any medical issues but is just drinking too much water before going in, take up his bowl 30 minutes before you leave and take him to potty immediately before you walk out the door. (Though doggy daycare is a great option, at least a few days a week, if you can afford it. So good for their socialization and to drain energy!)

    Holly is completely free when we're gone and has been for years, because she's not destructive and crating actually gave her more anxiety (and did cause destruction!) but every dog is different. Hopefully Gage gets used to your new schedule quickly and it's a smooth transition for both of you! Congratulations on the new job! :)

  2. Howie isn't allowed to roam, but we do leave him a lot of space. He has a lot of energy and I feel bad putting him in his kennel all day. We bought fence/gate and we make him a big kennel of sorts in our kitchen. We leave some toys, he gets a goodbye treat when we leave, and we set his bed, blanket and puppy pad out. He seems to enjoy it! He's escaped a few times, but that's usually when his routine is thrown off and he's angry at us, but he just sleeps on the couch and doesn't cause any trouble when he does. I like having him in the kitchen rather than his kennel because if his bladder gets full, he doesn't get upset if he has to go (because he hates going in his kennel) and on the rare occasion that he just forgets there's a puppy pad in there, it's not too difficult to clean up. :P

  3. I leave my little shih tzu in her kennal while T and I are gone and she has always been fine, or if I know I am going to be gone a long time I lock her in the bathroom. It is all tile and i just put a potty pad down, food and water, and her bed and she has always been fine. That is SO excited!! Good Luck!

  4. My oldest dogs [pit and chi] who are 100% house trained, I keep at home while I'm working. I leave plenty of food and water out [even if it might cause an accident] because my personal opinion is I'd rather my dogs potty in the house [thank goodness for granite floors no smell or stains after cleaning] than go hungry or thirsty. I take the littlest one to work with me. I know most of us don't have that luxury, but it's what I do because he isn't potty trained.

  5. We crate our dogs all days when we're gone. Our one dog is destructive so she needs to be crated. It's for her safety. Who knows what she'd eat or possibly knock over. And we crate th other just to be fair even though she's perfect lol. We make it comfy win beds or blankets. I also put 1 tbsp of peanut butter in a Kong and freeze it each night. They get it when they're crated. So it's a treat and something for them to look forward to. Doggy day care would be nice but the Navy isn't paying us THAT well. It's so expensive and we just can't justify it when they can be crated. We just make sure to give them lots of love and exercise when we get home and before we leave and on the weekends.


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