Jan 30, 2014

Looking Up

Good morning!

Thank you for all of your suggestions on puppy care! He got to roam the kitchen while I was gone the first three days. Yesterday I got off work to see that he had stolen a Tupperware lid that was nowhere he should have been able to get to it AND ripped a small chunk of drywall off the wall. So now he is going to stay in his crate until I can work with him on not being destructive while he's out. I'm sad that he can't run free but he needs to learn not to tear things up and I don't want him to get hurt or choke on something that he chewed on.

It's bright and early here as I sit typing this on my new toy. I have been wanting to get an iPad for my photography work since I decided I was going to start my own business. I also don't have a laptop anymore because I'm my dad is in the process of selling it. It was slow and not at all capable of doing what I needed it to anymore. I have a computer hooked up to my tv for editing pictures but I get a headache if I'm on it for too long since there's not a really a good place to site while using it. Now that I have a new job where I'm away from my apartment all day, I was killing the battery on my phone by the time lunch rolled around. So I begged M to let me get a tablet early (we agreed that I would save up money from sessions to pay for it) and he caved!

I ran out to Best Buy and got my new little toy immediately! Not only is this giving me an extra push to book more sessions so I don't feel guilty, but I'm also hoping I can get some stuff accomplished at work while the nanny babe is sleeping. Maybe I can read up on some meal plans and find some good coupons. Answer those emails that pile up faster than I could ever imagine. Fingers crossed that I use it for that instead of just browsing Pinterest or reading blogs all day long...

I'm so thankful for what God has blessed me with! Did I need an iPad? Absolutely not! But I wanted one and my current situation allowed me to get it. This job is exactly what I need to get out of the house and make enough money to work on getting us out of debt. I get to satisfy my baby fever (at least a little while longer) and be productive. Buying and iPad sure doesn't get me out of debt but it gives me motivation to get my butt moving on it and that's what I need right now!

So basically I'm just feeling extremely blessed and I wish I could share this feeling with all of you!



  1. Bummer! Howie will be a bit destructive every once and a while. I'll come home and find his bed on top of his puppy pad and nowhere near where I left it and then because his bed was on the puppy pad, he's gone to the bathroom elsewhere :P Or a few times he's torn into bags of treats and eaten them all, that's always fun :P

  2. I'm completely addicted to my iPad, and it's really the best purchase I've ever made. I use it for so many things, and yes-- a little bit of Pinterest and blog hopping!

  3. I take Harlee to doggy daycare and she gets all her energy out for the day during then. she comes home completely wiped. although it's expensive, it was worth the investment because she has yet to get into anything she shouldn't. best of luck dear!

    love the new toy. my husband has ours, and i can't wait to get it back. :)


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