Jan 24, 2014

Army Wifey

Today I want to talk about a shirt that I'm obsessed with! Right after M left in September, I knew I wanted to get a special shirt to wear when I first saw him on family day. The thing is, it's his rank not mine so I really don't need to be wearing it and didn't want it on the shirt. Plus, he could (hopefully) get promoted some day so if it was on the shirt then I would feel silly wearing it after. If I'm forking over money for a shirt, I want to be able to wear it for a long time!

I started searching Etsy and Pinterest for Army wife shirts just to see what was out there. Holy wow, there are a ton! I saw the lovely baby bump tank from a few bloggers and the sweating for the wedding tank all over Pinterest so I went to check out this place to see what they had. The minute I saw the Army Wifey  tank, I knew it was the perfect shirt! It was glittery and had a bow, what more could I need! They have tanks and sweatpants for all branches of the military as well!

I wanted to make it more personal so I contacted the shop owner about adding our last name to the back. I wanted to wear it with pride and show off my husband! Without hesitation she added it to the back and didn't even charge me for it! The shirt came so quickly, I was surprised to see it in the mail!

Excuse the dirty mirror selfies, that's what happens when you need to take pictures of a shirt and your husband is still in training!

The name is actually in the middle of the shirt but I had it twisted..

The quality and fit of the shirt is outstanding! I've washed the shirt multiple times and unlike most other shirts containing glitter, this is still fully intact. The glitter is vibrant and smooth so it doesn't catch on anything. I couldn't be more impressed by Ruffles With Love and I will definitely be back to order more in the future!

I bought this shirt and was not compensated in any way for this post, I just wanted to share with you an amazing website for custom items!



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