Dec 16, 2013

Procrastination Nation

Yuck, finals week is upon us.

I'm one final deep and I already just want it to be over with. I'm thankful for a mild finals schedule this semester because I don't think I would successfully handle anything more than what I already have. Anyone who is currently in college or has ever been in college knows the level of procrastination that occurs during finals week. I'm not here to give anyone advice on how to avoid it because I'm likely one of the worst offenders. This doesn't just stem from college, I've been this way my whole life. Ask my mom, I'm sure she'd fully agree to that!

In full blown procrastination mode over the weekend, I stumbled across this pin:

If that's not the truth then I don't know what is! So far today I've made a full breakfast (I never eat breakfast and if I do it's a piece of toast or a clementine), checked every form of social media at least 543,867 times, cleaned out my Bloglovin' feed which included actually commenting on posts, worked out, cleaned the kitchen, and walked my dog multiple times. All before taking the only  final I needed to take today. Plus, I'm blogging now which almost never happens on a Monday.

Now before you start thinking I completely fail at being an adult college kid, I did eventually step up to the plate and take my final. It was an online final that opened up this morning and is open until Wednesday night. I have two finals tomorrow and one on Wednesday, I figured that smart choice would be to take it today. I'm happy I didn't push it off until this afternoon because about an hour after I took the final I got an email from the teacher saying the version I took had multiple mistakes. Since I already took the final, she just gave me the points for those questions that were messed up. I can almost guarantee that I would not have scored any better on the correct version so by not procrastinating even more, I gained myself a few points. Yay me!

That's my ramble blog for the day. Good luck on your finals to anyone who's taking them, don't let procrastination bite ya in the butt too hard!

Happy Monday folks!


  1. You can do it!!!! Everyone procrastinates when it comes to finals and studying, it's just a dreaded thing to do. :P

  2. That was me last week. Holy eff, it was a terrible seven days. You're almost done - power through!!

  3. Yep and yep! Best of luck - you'll do great!


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