Dec 3, 2013

Do I have to be productive again?

Hello and happy Tuesday friends!

Since I finally decided to become a productive member of college life again (taking a two week break makes that a struggle) I thought I'd rejoin the blog world as well!

After bouncing all over the place and spending way too many hours on the road over the last two weeks, can you blame me for spending all day yesterday lounging around? I got an email late on Sunday night saying my only class yesterday was optional which meant my break got extended by one more day! I had a mini movie marathon and the puppy got lots of snuggles before I headed out to run some errands.

Let me tell you people, the post office is a zoo these days. Everyone is trying to send out some holiday cheer and that's making it pretty hard for me to send care packages to M! I won't complain though, everyone there was in a really good mood and the workers were pretty friendly for a change! Then I made my way to Target and the dollar section got me again. At least I got a few Christmas decorations for cheap! Those window clings are my favorite. Once I pulled myself away from all the temptations Target has to offer, I moseyed on over to the black hole known as Walmart. The bell ringer played me a little tune with the bell and tambourine he had, I walked through those big doors and instantly regretted my choice. Madhouse doesn't even describe what that place looked like. Let's just say I grabbed the food I needed, picked over the Christmas aisle quickly and got my butt out of there. The sketchiness that comes with Walmart was upped another level when I walked out to see a cop just chilling outside the doors.

I was so excited to unpack my Christmas goodies and get to decorating! Christmas music on full blast, I set out to make it look like a holiday explosion happened in our apartment. This year, all things red and white have been catching my eye so that's sort of my "theme" for decorations. Then Gage had other ideas for me. All he wanted to do was play! After reading this post and ending up in tears, how could I resist his pleas for play time? By the end of the night I managed to get one of our two baby trees put up and a small coffee table centerpiece put together. Fail on the holiday explosion. Yet I don't mind, those minutes spent playing with Gage are totally worth it if he's happy! Hoping I can get the rest of the decorations put up when I get home from class!

Class optional = more time to relax!
No red bulbs means the tree gets to be patriotic this year! It seems appropriate :)
Umm, I blame the holiday spirit for this one.
Snuggled up
Even if it is slightly off-key ;)
Have you put up your Christmas decorations yet? Had to deal with the chaos that the holidays bring?


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