Dec 4, 2013

A little bit of this and that

Man is it an icky day out here! Foggy, cold, and rain/sleeting make for a fun walk to class.

There's really not much point to today's post other than to stop by and say hello! Despite some frustrations on the home front (which I'm sure most college students are feeling as finals week approaches) and the weather being blah, I'm finding reasons to smile today.

Like having the chance to wear my rain boots out and about for the first time! That may not seem exciting to you but it's been years since I've owned a pair and now that I have some I'm having a good time. Although out of habit, I still avoid walking through those big puddles on campus. Maybe when I get home I'll go splashing through the puddles just for fun. What else are you supposed to do on a gloomy day?

Or waking up to our song (Then by Brad Paisley) playing this morning and some sweet good morning texts from M. Usually we get to talk for about a half hour in the morning before he has to put his phone away. Today, fingers crossed, they started actual training so he was out before I even woke up. I'm excited to hear what his day consisted of and I'm happy for him because now he won't have to sit around all day doing next to nothing.

Or current countdown ticking away on my phone. Seriously, just seeing that number puts a permanent smile on my face! I cannot wait to have M back in our apartment, living normal life! I know there will be a new normal once he comes home and some readjusting to life living with each other again but I say bring it on!

That's about all I've got for you today friends!

Playing around with some engagement pictures!
Even the shortest Skype date makes my night! He doesn't like it when I snap pictures of him :P

A December photo challenge I spotted on Instagram yesterday. Maybe I'll actually keep up with this one?
How's the weather near you? What's putting a smile on your face today?


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