Nov 20, 2013

On the Road Again..

When I head out on a roadtrip, I don't head out empty handed. Here are a few of my favorite things for a successful trip!

Roadtrip Essentials
1. Water--definite need on long trips to stay hydrated.
2. Snacks--I couldn't make it through a trip without these!
3. Sunglasses--the sun visor doesn't do much for a short girl like me. Always have sunglasses in the car!
4. Music--a good playlist can be the difference between nearly falling asleep and jamming out the whole way.
5. Coffee--to stay awake!
6. Chapstick--gotta keep those lips hydrated too.

Passenger Roadtrip Essentials

1. Magazine--Doesn't matter which one, usually I grab whatever is cheapest!
2. Knitting supplies--I've been working on the same scarf for months. Maybe I need to take more roadtrips so I will finish it?
3. Phone--easy entertainment.
4. Chocolate--the way to my heart!
5. Canon Rebel--you never know when inspiration will strike!
6. Coffee--just as much of an essential for a passenger as it is for the driver.

What do you bring on long trips?



  1. I love a good road trip! How do you create cute collage things like this?!

  2. I love the Chap stick! I always seem to forget it when I head back home and then my lips are all dry and icky once I get home or I have to buy some at the gas station!

  3. I always bring my laptop to try and write blog posts in Word without the temptation of Twitter or Facebook and everything else getting in the way!


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