Oct 24, 2013

When You Stop Dating

Blogging two days in a row, who am I?

I've made it no secret that my husband is in basic training and that our only communication other than a few glorious phone calls is through letters. Sometimes I only get letters once a week, but usually they come in groups on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We're both a little unsure about how this happens because we send them out daily but at least it's fun to get multiple letters at once!

We knew being away from each other for an extended period of time in a marriage that's still so new would be a challenge. Especially with minimal communication! We also knew we'd find a way to make it through the days. One thing I don't think either of us expected was to see how "comfortable" we'd gotten in just a short year of marriage. Life happens and we let it get the best of us. We've stopped dating each other or doing all the things we did to "land" the other person in the first place. Don't get me wrong, we still have a pretty darn happy marriage but we've slacked on things that are important to us!

He dumped me out of this wheel barrel just seconds after this picture was taken. "On accident" he swears :P

Minutes before he was about to propose...can you see the nervousness on his face?

Apparently we also stopped taking tons of pictures together. While digging for pictures, the closer I got to the present day, the fewer pictures of us together there were..

We're still young. We have relatively few responsibilities at the moment. If we let life get in the way of marriage now, what will we do when we have full time jobs/kids/more adult obligations?

If you want to see the things that are important to your marriage or the things you could improve upon, spend 6+ weeks away from your spouse. Kidding! It's more fun to be with them. :) We probably would have figured these out eventually but I'm happy to have this experience. It's been eye opening! I've seen our love grow ten-fold in the past few weeks! We've reaffirmed the things that we love about each other, talked about a few tough topics, and discussed all the ways we aim to improve over the coming months and years of our lives together!

My goal for this next month is to start dating my husband again. Tricky task while he's away but I'm up for the challenge! I'm determined to fix this before it becomes an actual problem. No one ever said marriage is for the lazy!

How do you continue to date your spouse? Any of you with experience dating your spouse long-distance, how did you overcome this extra step?

With love,

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