Oct 9, 2013

Weekly Update!

Holy cow, the last week has flown by! I won't be complaining about that though, another week of Basic Training in the books! I cannot believe it's already next month that I get to see my husband. We went into it thinking it was such a long time but it's been going quickly for us both, especially M.

Last week I headed out to a local lake around the golden hour to just relax and take some pretty pictures. It was so breathtaking out there! Just before I was about to head home, I took a photo that made me cry. That photo was just like one I would have expected to come from one of the many photographers I adore. It was thee photo that made me realize this isn't just a hobby, but something I want to do as a career. It gave me the confidence to know that this is something I can day! Then I "unveiled" my photography Facebook page to everyone I know in real life. I was blown away by the response to it! I had several people jump at the chance to take pictures including a family session and an engagement session. WOW!

I had a girls night sleep over with one of my best friends on Friday night. We spent the whole night talking, planning, and of course, baking! It's so great to have a friend in a very similar life situation as myself. We don't get the chance to have full blown conversations very often anymore so spending just a few hours doing so was perfect.

Saturday marked the first weekend that I've spent alone in a month. It. Was. Glorious! Honestly, I spent the whole day doing nothing but sit and relax. I don't even mind that I got nothing accomplished! I headed off for my daily run to the post office and just as I was pulling back into our parking lot, I got the best phone call. Despite a crappy phone signal that cut us off a few times, I got 30 whole minutes to talk to my soldier. I had the biggest smile on my face the whole time and I was so proud that neither of us cried the whole time. Just a few weeks in and we're already both in a great place with the whole thing!

Leading up to M leaving, I was so worried that he wouldn't be the silly guy I love when he got back. This phone call reassured me that though he'll be more refined, his personality still shines through! One thing I'm especially proud of (and am about to brag about) is that he passed his first APFT last Monday which is why he got to call. The APFT is the physical fitness test they have to pass (among other things) to graduate. M has been pretty worried the whole time about passing and he killed it! He also admitted that between throwing live grenades and rappelling has turned him into an adrenaline junkie. He even asked to go skydiving when he gets back!

Sunday I prepared for a photo-shoot I had planned for that evening. Except the temperatures were frigid and it was a dreary, drizzling day outside. By the time we headed out to the lake it was raining pretty heavily. We rescheduled for the next day!

Monday the weather could not have been more opposite. Seventies and sunny blue skies! Exactly what I wanted for this shoot! Getting some practice in with friends is really helping me get ready for the future! It helps that we have amazing Fall foliage right here in Ames, too!

Though my car is currently dead on the spot, I'm not letting it get me down this week!

Hope y'all have a happy hump day!


  1. don't you love how those photos make you so giddy? right after i take a shot like that, it gets me even more excited to take more. it never ends.

    i'm glad you to to chat with him for a bit and congrats on him passing his PT test! :) it's my husband's dreaded thing too...every single time. ha ha

  2. I'm not going to lie, that's one thing that I think of, they learn all of this discipline, does it squash their immature, and silly side a bit! I'm glad that it doesn't!! :)


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