Oct 2, 2013

USPS - You Made My Day

Sending mail is something I do every single day now. I've always loved getting mail and sending it is pretty fun, too. However, I haven't had the best experience with USPS in the past, especially here in Ames.

Yesterday I rushed home from class to print out a shipping label and get the package I made for M out the door. After trying on multiple different printers, I couldn't get the shipping label to print out correctly. Frustrated, I headed over to the nearest post office which is about 10 minutes away. After having not one but two people steal a parking spot that I was about to pull into and almost being t-boned by someone backing up who wasn't looking, I reluctantly headed inside.

After waiting in line for a bit it was finally my turn at the counter. I explain that I tried to print the label off to ship my package and I couldn't get it to work. I asked if they could print a label for me since I already paid for the postage. The employee took it off to a supervisor and I waited until he could figure it out. Wait a bit more and he comes back out. He says he's got some left-over postage he can put on my package and since it's already addressed to M he takes it and gives me a tracking number. Then he explains the process of getting a refund for my shipping label.

I don't know if he was being kind because I was clearly frustrated or if he saw who I was shipping the package to but they shipped it for free! I left with a huge smile on my face and a happy heart. I will definitely be thinking of a way to pass that act of kindness onto someone else.

Thank you USPS for coming through for me!

Happy Wednesday friends!


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