Oct 15, 2013

This Week Of My Life

This past week was a blur. I had three photography sessions, class, car troubles, and a week of crockpot meals. More excitement than I've had in a few weeks!

One session was planned for Sunday but as I talked about, got rained out and we took them on Monday. I had a blast but realized I have a lot of preparing to do before I make this a more permanent part of my life. One of the biggest things I need to fix: comfortable shoes! I wore some of my favorite boots but by the end of the session my feet were killing me.

The next session was a "best friend" session I planned with some of my friends. Despite heading out a little late, we still got a ton of pictures before the light was gone! Thankfully I have friends who love to be goofy, I definitely got an ab workout from laughing at this session!

The third session was actually later that night! Being out of a car, it was a bit of a struggle but thanks to loving friends, I made it there and back no problem! Having photographed my second engagement (that's right, another one of my friends got engaged!!) I'm starting to think I may actually like life event photography! I took lots of detail shots and sat with the anxious man who was ready to pop the question! A few mishaps couldn't stop him! I was in tears by the end of the whole deal and despite it being so dark (only candlelight) I got some pretty awesome pictures!

My car troubles have continued, of course since I know nothing about cars. This time it's really out of commission though. Hasn't moved in over a week and although the bus has been getting me around, I miss having a car! Hopefully I can get it looked at and into a shop by the time the week is over!

I also declared it the week of the crockpot and despite two "cheat" nights, I think I did pretty well! Thursday night I didn't have any time to make or eat supper and Saturday I just didn't feel like cooking! I made: Sun-Chili, Mon-Green Chile Chicken, Tues-Stuffed Pepper Soup, Wed-Lasagna, Fri-Chicken Salsa Casserole, Sun-Chicken Ranch Pasta. Other than the Chili recipe which is our own, I found all the recipes on Pinterest. I don't follow the recipes exactly because I never have everything I need or I don't like some of the ingredients. They were all delicious and M will be happy that I'm adding them to our favorites list.

Crazy that M is in White Phase already! He's been writing daily and so have I although they tend to arrive in groups of 2-4. Saturday I had over 12 pages to reply to! He said they've lightened up a bit so he's really enjoying it now. One thing that was hard over the past week was we both struggled a bit. We discussed a really difficult topic and there was a bit of miscommunication on both ends. With letters taking so long to reach each other, we were frustrated at different points of the week. Thankfully we figured it out but it's another example of how our marriage can grow through this! If we can work through a struggle over letters than I'm confident we can work through any struggle when he gets back home. Another day closer to seeing him and I couldn't be happier!

That was a whole lot of information overload! Hopefully I can get back to making more of a regular appearance around here.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. love that first shot dear. sunsets and golden hours are my favorite!

  2. Great photos! Thank heavens for crockpots huh! They totally save us a couple nights a week that's for sure.


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