Oct 30, 2013

Rainy Day Thoughts

Today was pretty uneventful and this post is really late to the game. But, you got a few thoughts from my day!

"Wrong shoe choice today, smart one."
"Aaaaaaand, my socks are wet."
"If you don't have an umbrella but you do have a hood on your coat, why are you not using it?"
"Dude, your shoes sound like a g"iant squeak toy."
"Ugh..my shoes are like giant puddles."
"Glad I didn't do my hair today."
"Whyyyyy can't we have underground tunnels on campus?"
"Oh shit, I'm going to get hit by lightning."
"It's rained a billion times around campus yet I haven't invested in rain boots, what's wrong with me?"
"I need a bigger umbrella."
"Finally out of the flood, I should have built an ark."
"You're really diggin' up your nose there buddy. Oh...nooo..eww."
"Oh, it's sunny out, must have stopped raining. Nope, still raining."
"Sorry I just stabbed you with my umbrella but if you suddenly halt in the middle of the sidewalk it was bound to happen."
"I've never seen so many different patterned umbrellas."
"Hellooo Blue bus."
"It stopped raining, I guess this is what a 100% chance of rain all afternoon looks like in Iowa."

Late night posts = not a whole lot of anything. And you can't take the 30 seconds it took to read that back! Have a good night :)


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  1. haha I loved this. I think I had a lot of the same thoughts. I just bought new Uggs and I didnt think it was supposed to rain yesterday so I wore them, as soon as I stepped outside it started raining!!


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