Oct 18, 2013

My "Adult" Style

When we moved out of our apartment last year, I got rid of literally half of my clothing. When I realized I wasn't wearing all that stuff I knew there was no reason to keep it! The problem now: I never rebuilt my wardrobe. The even bigger problem: I don't know what my "style" is any more.

I went to find some cardigans the other night and realized I no longer shop in the "junior" section although the sizing tends to fit me better. I relate more to the adult section. Who am I? I also started thinking about what items I can stock my closet with now that will carry me through future jobs. I used to love wearing fitted clothing but now I'm much more comfortable in less fitted stuff. I like to buy simple pieces so I can add accessories which gives me more options. I'm still working on what exactly I would consider my style but here are a few examples of what I typically wear in the Fall.

Cyclones In the Fall

Golden Fall

Class in Fall

Class in Fall

How did you decide what you wanted your adult style to look like? What are your favorites items in your closet?

Happy Friday, friends!

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