Oct 31, 2013

I Need Your Help: Writing "To Any Soldier"

Hey dear friends, I have a huge favor to ask of y'all.

Last night, I participated in a group discussion with many family members in the battalion that M is a part of at basic training. Among many of the topics we discussed, one of them was mail. The battalion commander mentioned writing "to any soldier."

As he explained, some people join the Army because they don't have a great family life. Because of this, many of them don't receive any letters. This is huge because these letters are their only real connection to the outside world. I write M a letter every single day and I know many friends and family have written him as well. He always talks about how getting the mail from home makes the bad days good and the good days better. Some days if it weren't for these letters, I think he would have a hard time pushing on.

Can you imagine being in an environment where everything is so structured and you have no relief from that?

So my friends, I'm calling you to action. Will you please help me write to these soldiers who don't have anyone else? I'm going to work on writing as many as I can but I just can't do it all. Let them know someone cares. That someone is proud of them for putting their lives on the line. Not to give up because it's an accomplishment to be proud of. A card, postcard, letter, picture from kids, anything at all will brighten their day, I promise!

I'm asking that you share this post in every way possible. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Let's get the word out there to help these soldiers make it through another day with a smile on their faces! Email me at throughthehansonlens@gmail.com for an address to send all these items. I will be collecting them to send in a large group on November 9th. The blog world is huge, let's overwhelm them with support!

Please help me friends! Just taking 5 minutes out of your busy day will make their whole week.



  1. Such an awesome idea! We did "Buddy Bags" once. We sent a ton of care packages to people that were serving from our little town, but had two packages included so that they kept one and then gave the other to a "buddy" or someone who didn't get mail often. It was awesome!

  2. I love this idea Mandy. You're right - taking five minutes will certainly make their own week. The 9th might be cutting it short right now, but will you be offering this again near Christmastime?


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