Oct 17, 2013

Business Casual and Future Talk

I'm awfully late to the party today, but I should get credit for at least showing up?

There hasn't been much going on around here which could be one explanation for my absence. Or it could just be because I'm lazy. Yeah, it's definitely the second one.

Still writing letters daily and making the hour long bus trip to the post office. It takes awhile for the letters to come through but on the plus side, I get to hear about multiple days at once!

Yesterday I went on a "study tour" of Ames where we visited local places that my major could possibly intern or potentially work at some day. There are 3 "options" to the Child, Adult, and Family Services major and it may come as no surprise that I chose the child option. The only problem with that is all but one of the places we went to were geared towards the youth/family or gerontology options. It was freezing and we were told to dress in business casual clothing. I wore a sweater, gray trousers, and heels. I was a little irritated when I spent all day standing in heels while most of the class wore leggings and sweatshirts. Clearly "business casual" is not a term people my age understand. One thing the trip helped me decide is that I would like to work with Military families some day. I'm not sure if it will be childcare, counseling, programs, or even photography but these family have found a dear place in my heart. At least that's one future decision I can check off the list!

The car is still stuck in it's place but hopefully will be fixed within the next few days. I never realized how much I relied on our car until it stopped running! Hopefully this is the last malfunction until M is back so he can fix it!

Tomorrow I get to start a special project I was offered at work. My class schedule hasn't allowed me any set hours this semester so I've just been subbing. The only problem is that people either haven't needed subs or the hours they ask for are during my classes. My boss felt bad that I wasn't getting any hours so she offered me this project so I can get a paycheck again! I felt privileged that she wanted to make sure I was still getting some time in and I can choose my hours with this project. I can work as much or as little as I need and that's perfect for my ever-changing schedule!

Other than that, it's the same old, same old around here. I've added some new photos to my photography facebook so feel free to check them out!

Another Friday is right around the corner and I couldn't be happier about it!

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