Sep 23, 2013

This Past Week...

Good morning friends!

This past week has been sort of a whirl wind and that's why I've been a little absent! You may have seen some tweets about what I've been up to.

Last Tuesday I headed back to my home area and spent the night catching up with one of my best friends. This girl and I have known each other since preschool and she's truly one of the sweetest people I've ever met. Her significant other has been at Basic Training and AIT since the end of April. M and I are great friends with him so we had planned to go to his graduation. Since M had left before his graduation, I promised I'd still go to stand in for both of us. They were in the same training base but never got a chance to meet up.

Wednesday morning we got up pretty early and headed out on a seven hour drive. Let me just tell you, when you get two girls in a car who have plenty to talk about, the drive flies by. Though there were a few bumps along the way, we met up with her man and got to spend the rest of the day with him! I got to hear tons of stories about what M has been going through and some of the cool things he'll be learning. It was pretty hard that first night to be in the same place as M but not be able to see him. Thursday we got up bright and early to head out for graduation. It was one of the coolest things I've ever experienced and I still get goosebumps thinking about it. I cannot wait to be back there for M's graduation in a few months.

After the graduation, my friend had a little surprise in store for her! One that I'd been in on all Summer long and was getting to play photographer for. Her soldier pulled out a little box and was down on one knee before she knew what was happening! I could not be more happy for them!! They are truly an inspiration to M and myself! We spent the rest of the day driving home and just relaxing.

Friday morning I headed out with my parents to start decorating for my brother's wedding! It really didn't take too long and the space turned out very well. We talked a lot and I heard quite a few stories about my new sister. I even got to meet a new baby that I've been dying to see! Later that night the whole wedding party met up for rehearsal. I was starting to get emotional so I knew it would be a struggle to keep it together for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday I headed out with the other bridesmaids and met the Bride at the hair salon. I took lots of photos and we had a good time just being girls. I got teary eyed when the Bride was all ready to go. I was so happy that my only brother had met such a sweet, beautiful girl to share his life with. Once we were done we headed back to a guest house near the church where we all got ready. Pictures were quickly followed by an amazing lunch. I swear everyone was in a food coma all weekend because every meal we had was delicious. We marched into the church and got them married! The bride's sister and I bawled pretty much the whole ceremony which set quite a few other people off I've heard. It was a beautiful wedding, what can I say!

Before heading off on the party bus, my body decided it would be a good idea to fall down the stairs. Thankfully I only fell down a few stairs before I caught myself. A pretty big bump and some bruises were all that came of it so I wasn't going to let that stop me. The speeches at the wedding had us all in tears once again but the dancing that followed brought the mood right back up again. Though there were a few times that I was emotional during the wedding, the groomsmen (who have always been big brothers to me) made sure that I wasn't alone the whole night. I couldn't be more thankful for everyone who was watching out for me!

I have felt so blessed this past week with all the love and joy I've gotten to experience! To top it all off, I opened up my mail box last night to see my first letter from M. It brought me to tears before I opened it. Although it's a little weird to be hearing about things that happened almost two weeks ago (so much has changed since then I'm sure) it's just great to hear from him!

Hope y'all have a Monday that's as great as my last week has been!

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  1. oh I love the first dance photo! Thats precious. Arent brother the absolute best?


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