Sep 5, 2013

The first five photos are little pieces of our wedding day that I brought back for our first anniversary. They are little momentos that remind me of our day every time I see them. The earrings I picked out just for the big day (I even had my ears double pierced just so I could wear them). It took forever to pick out a necklace that didn't overpower the beading on my dress. Once I found this one, I knew it was perfect. The bracelet was a gift from one of my maids of honor with two special bible verses and our wedding date inscribed on it. Our cake was an obvious one that we had to bring back! Then we used our drinking glasses for supper. I love those things!

The rest of these photos are just some of the ones we took in our mini photo shoot. As I said yesterday, with limited resources, you get what you get! I'm sure the bloopers will make their way to a post sometime in the near future because they're as comical as always!

1 year photo
original wedding photo

One year photo - American Gothic style
original wedding photo - American Gothic style
The place where we had our first look on our wedding day!

I can't believe it's been a whole year since our wedding day! Though it seems packed full of memories, it definitely flew by. That day, I took a leap of faith and I've trusted all of your decisions. Now I'm trusting that this next journey will have a positive impact on our lives! We will find a way to grow from the distance. I cannot wait to see all of the ways each of us grow and change through this experience. I never saw myself with a future like this but you've opened my eyes to a whole new idea. I'm ready to take on the next year with you and wherever that takes us! I love you! Happy first anniversary!



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  2. Oh my heck,I LOVE these pictures! I love the ones in the back of the truck, and I love the silly ones that show off your personalities! :)

  3. LOVE all of these girl. So fun to go back and recreate the photos from that amazing day :) You're gorgeous!!

  4. I love these pictures! They are so sweet! Happy one year anniversary to you!


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