Sep 24, 2013

Comfortability in Marriage

Today I've spent a lot of time thinking about the things I really appreciate in my husband. Being college students, we spend a lot of time being distracted by homework and I tend to forget about all these little things. As a newlywed, I feel as though these things should still be pretty obvious to me. Yet day to day life happens and you forget to really appreciate them.

Being away from my husband has brought out all sorts of emotions. There is the sadness and loneliness, the pride and independence, but I never thought I would feel so grateful for this time away from him. That's right, I feel grateful! It's very easy to take for granted all of the things you love about your significant other when you get into a routine. When you get comfortable in your marriage, you forget to be thankful for all the things you love about your SO.

Until they're gone (though in my case it's only temporary) you just plain forget about them. I'm so thankful that my husband takes care of all the little things I hate to do. Like taking out the trash or putting gas in the car. I'm so thankful for the encouragement my husband gives me daily. The way he never goes a day without saying "I love you" many times. Just the way he looks at me, with so much love in his eyes. The way he makes decisions when I'm so indecisive but lets me have my way most of the time. He keeps me grounded when I beg for things that just aren't practical at the time being. He is the bad guy so I don't have to be. Most of the time, he even calls places for me (except when he's trying to make a point) just because he knows how much I hate being on the phone with strangers. I'm terrible at rushing life events (marriage, babies, moving, jobs, etc.) then instead of fully enjoying them, rushing into the next event. I wish away all of this time with my husband and I'm missing those little moments!

There are just so many things that I used to obsess over when we were dating. I used to gush about him to my friends constantly and I noticed the little things that he did to make me happy. I've gotten so used to them that I'm ashamed to say I don't even realize they're happening any more. I got comfortable and that's not a good thing. You should be comfortable with the person you marry but you should never be so comfortable that you stop noticing those things they do. Those little moments should always make you fall even more in love with your SO. If you can't find at least one of those moments in every day, then you need to take a step back.

I'm so grateful for this chance to open up my eyes again. To get a second chance at appreciating what I've got in front of me! Every second of every day is not going to be easy or filled with positivity. That doesn't mean you can't still find a positive in every day!

Take an extra second today to think about what your SO does for you. We never know what tomorrow will bring so you have to appreciate it today!

The little things


  1. This is so sweet and so true! You are very strong to deal with your husband being away all the time, especially as a newlywed!

  2. Yes, this is excellent! It's so important to remember and appreciate the little ways in which they bless you every day!

  3. Thanks for being so inspiring!!! :) Love you girl!!


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