Aug 22, 2013

Oh Hey Mr. Sandman

Like most people I know, I never turn down a good chance to sleep. Middle of the day or at night, there is a pretty good chance you can catch me dozing off. Except some nights when I decide it's fun to start projects or clean at 11 p.m. I'd blame that on college but it started long before I was here!

Sleeping against the door in the car
However, my husband likes to make me aware of the fact that I have certain sleeping "abilities" that some, but not all possess. He frequently makes fun of me for these and likes to tell all of our friends about them! Some of our friends have even experienced them a time or two.

1. I can fall asleep in just about any position but nothing compares to curling up into a little ball.
I've also been known to sleep with my legs bent up as well as with my back flat by my lower body completely twisted over. M has woken up to find me sleeping at the end of the bed or completely squished against the wall, even if there is plenty of room beside me. Who knows how I'll wake up each morning. I can sleep just about anywhere, too. In the car, on the floor, in a tiny recliner chair. You name it, I can probably make it work.

2. I have the ability to fall asleep in two seconds flat. This is definitely not always the case, sometimes my brain decides to think of every topic under the sun while I'm trying to fall asleep. I guarantee if we were just having a conversation and I'm sleepy, I will fall asleep immediately after responding to something you just said. Not exaggerating when I say that two seconds later, I'm dead asleep. When M and I were dating, we would text each other before bed. He could immediately reply to my text and I would be out! I also did this a time or two while talking on the phone with him. He'd be telling a story and next thing he knew, he could hear me sleeping. Sorry hubby!

3. Speaking of being dead asleep, I'm known for being notoriously hard to wake up. This started when I was much younger and had to wake up early to get on the school bus every morning. I perfected the art of ignoring someone in my sleep. Then when I finally do wake up, I can't figure out why everyone is so mad at me. This generally results in me being shaken, tickled or poked awake in the mornings. That usually makes me a grumpy chick when I wake up because not only do I have to get out of bed but I was just woken up in a rather harsh way.

4. I'm that person who sleeps through 100 alarms every morning and then gets mad at my phone because it never went off. I set about 6 alarms, every 15 minutes before until the time I have to get up, every time I know M won't be there to wake me up. Lord help me when he's not around, I tend to be late for a lot of things. I can set very, very obnoxious and loud alarms. I can set songs that I love. Songs that I hate. Nothing can get me out of my lovely slumber!

5. I occasionally talk in my sleep. Not usually full sentences or even words that you can understand from what I'm told. But I'm definitely trying to say something! M claims I also snore but I think that's a load of crap!

6. I tend to wrap myself in blankets. Sometimes I like to sleep in a cold room, now that I've been living with M because that's the only way he can sleep. For the most part though, I like to be warm when I fall asleep (now it's a totally different story if I wake up hot in the middle of the night, then I like to be cold)! This means I tend to steal the blankets in my sleep because I don't like to be cold. M also likes to steal the blankets so we each have our own. I cannot sleep without a blanket or a sheet, no matter how warm the room gets. Usually we start off sharing blankets but we each have our own so when we wake up in the middle of the night, we know which blanket to steal back!

7. I have the ability to scare the hell out of myself, even in my dreams. I dream a lot about stuff that scares me the most! I tend to jolt myself awake frequently because I dream about the weirdest, scariest stuff. I've also woken up crying on more than one occasion because of this stuff. And I tend to remember my dreams for at least a few hours after I wake up, too. M usually cracks up at all the things floating around my brain in lala land.

And seven seems like the right number of awkward facts to end on. This post was brought to you by my rambling thoughts, hope you enjoyed it!

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