Aug 14, 2013

Mason Jar Wedding Favors

A few months ago I pinned our wedding favors to Pinterest. They were just linked to one of my Wedding Wednesday posts. Since then I've been asked how to make them so I thought I would talk about it a little more!

A major part of the "theme" to our wedding was mason jars. I've always really loved them and I thought they would be a simple but perfect way to show off my personality at the wedding. Since we started planning our wedding, mason jars have really blown up!

We just bought wide mouth, pint sized mason jars. We did a lot of research as to where we could get them the cheapest (we bought about 300) and Farm Fleet was the cheapest at the time. Definitely look around and talk to stores. We got a major deal because of the amount that we ordered so don't be afraid to ask for a discount! These were pretty similar to what we got.

We wanted to find labels for the jars to personalize them. When I saw these pink labels they reminded me of homemade jam labels (usually in mason jars) and pink was one of our wedding colors. I fell in love! They were super easy to personalize with our names and wedding date! I never got a picture of the second label we put on each jar. On the back side of the jars was a matching label that said "This jar belongs to.." and then a large space for guests to write their names. We set out sharpies and pens all over the reception space so everyone could label their jars. This website has adorable oval shaped labels like what we bought. We just looked up canning labels on Etsy until we found a label that we liked. I would highly recommend extra jars and labels (I think we ordered 300 jars and labels each but only needed about 250) in case you put them on crooked or jars break.

We found the yellow handkerchiefs on Google. These were the ones that we went with. They were 14x14 which sounded small at the time but they were plenty big to use as napkins. They were fairly spendy so I would recommend searching around a little more to see if you can find anything cheaper!

We added our silverware to the jars and they were ready to go!

If you have any other questions about the mason jar favors, feel free to ask me!



  1. Too cute!! I love the labels on there!

  2. ohh I love these! favors are hard to come up with because you dont want to give something that no one wants, or will just throw away-because its like throwing your money away!
    great job! I love these!


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