Aug 5, 2013

Catching Up on Life

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes, work-wise, that has kept me absent around here. A weekend with family and friends has put me back in a relaxed place and I'm ready to pop out some posts.

Last Wednesday night, we took our first step in reducing our future debt by switching our cell phone plans. Not only did the switch save us close to $100 a month but it helped out my brother as well. We were having many issues with paying through the nose for phone and data service but not being able to use what we paid for. When M goes to Basic Training, I want him to have a reliable source to call home when he gets the chance. So far, we're both pretty happy with the service and we both got new phones so that's always exciting!

unrelated dog photo from Wednesday night!
Thursday, I spent the day getting ready for our anniversary photos that we took that night. Once again, we had a blast with the wonderful Fonda of Fonda Photography. I cannot wait to see the rest of the photos, I'll share them here when I can. For now, you can see the one she posted after our session!

The inspiration for this photo is a sign that I had brought with. It was given to us as a wedding gift and is one of my favorite signs in our apartment (M hates the sign). It says "A man's house is his castle...until the queen arrives" and clearly this picture captures that! :)
Still working on my chalkboard skills..

Wedding dress and curly hair

Sparkly tennies to dress down such a fancy outfit
Friday, I spent the day at home, crafting and playing with the daycare kids. It was nice to have a break and to accomplish a few of the things I've been wanting to do lately!

Made M the coffee cake he really wanted this week
Saturday, we had our Christmas get together on my Mom's side. Although I wasn't expecting a whole lot, we had a really good time. It was also nice to know that M still got to celebrate with that side of the family since he will be gone when we normally celebrate.
Excuse the bathroom selfie at my Grandma's. My version of a Christmas outfit in the Summer.
Sunday we had plans to go tubing which we were pretty excited about. Of course the weather didn't really feel like cooperating with us! We tubed for a little while but the water was freezing and there was no sun so we got out about halfway through. Our friends built a gigantic slip and slide into their pond that we hadn't gotten a chance to check out. We decided since the pond water is normally a lot warmer that we could just head back there for awhile. After discovering someone had put diesel fuel in the gas pump, the boys had to tinker around to get it all set up. Most of the group dipped out before we got a chance to hit the water. Once things were running we got to try that bad boy out and let me tell you, it was a blast! Although I flew a little farther off the end than everyone else did which resulted in me hitting my back on the bottom of the pond quite a few times. We headed home after a bit and called it a night pretty early.

For the next few weeks, I will be free of work. I'm going to be at home getting things ready to move again. Definitely a blessing to have some free time to accomplish all of this! Hoping to get back into blogging more regularly as well. With school starting again in just a few weeks, I need to find what time works best for me to blog.
It's raining, it's pouring, I love days like this!
What time works best for you to just sit down and write a post?

Also, after Jenni from Story of My Life talked about Ommwriter, I thought it was worth checking out. Let me tell you, if you struggle with distractions while writing then this is for you! I've been using it for about 1/2 hour and I love it already!


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  1. Absolutely love your wedding photo as well as your chalkboard! We had several at our wedding but my handwriting is so bad I had to have my mother in law write on ours :)


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