Aug 20, 2013

A Weekend With Too Many Selfies

Before and after of a much needed haircut. Growing out your hair pretty much leaves you with no style. I sacrificed a little bit of the length to get an angled bob and my bangs back. Sometimes I get nervous that I'll regret getting it cut while I'm growing it out but I couldn't be happier this time!

My favorite little guy gave me all the snuggles in the world before I left. Can't believe how much he's changed over the Summer and how many words he's picked up! It's only been a few days but I miss him already.

Working on some photography but Gage wanted me all to himself. He hopped up on my lap and tried to shove my computer off. I didn't mind one bit!

We all hung out with Miss Aida on Friday although she didn't want to spend too much time with us. By the end of the night she warmed up enough to play a little!
"How out of it do I look in this picture?" "Pretty out of it.."
Packing makes me look like this..

I took this picture because I was trying to catch the guy on the bridge above waving a giant American flag. I missed but I really like how this picture turned out!

A teeny, tiny bit of our belongings. Thankful that my momma knows how to pack things in so well or we would have needed multiple trips to get it all back.

New bed sheets! M is sort of picky about sheets because he cannot sleep if it's too hot. I'm sort of picky about sheets because I don't want to have ugly sheets. We finally came to a compromise on these and I love them! Target wins again!

At least college kids can be creative with their wifi naming. Cracking up at the wifi names near our friend's apartment! My brother decided to name ours Love Shack last year when he set it up and I don't know how to change it. I'm sure our neighbors think we're freaks!

Crazy to think we've been here for a few days already! We moved in Saturday morning and we're slowly getting things unpacked. The benefit of moving back into a place that we already lived in is it feels like we never really left. We set up everything the same as last year so besides some boxes laying around, it's like we didn't leave.

One thing that has changed is our neighbors this year. You see, we live in a family housing area so although we're married it's harder to relate to our neighbors. Last year the two families living upstairs never said more than hello to us. The couple across the hall was closer in age to us but they were very unfriendly. This made for awkward, tense moments between their giant dog and our little puppy. Needless to say, we were happy to hear that two of the three families were moving out at the end of the year.

Within about 15 minutes of being here on Saturday, I had already met one of our neighbors. She noticed we were moving in boxes and came over to introduce herself. They have the cutest little boy and seemed pretty close in age to us. I was pretty excited that she was so friendly but got right back to moving our stuff in. A while later while we had our door open to bring stuff in, another little dog came flying in our door. I laughed because it was exactly something Gage would do if another person's door was open. A lady came in calling for the dog and then introduced herself as our neighbor from across the hall.

Since then, we've had a couple of puppy play dates and we've gotten to know each other! It's such a relief to know we've got friendly neighbors this year! It makes me (and my mom) much more at ease about what's ahead of me over the next few months.

Now, back to unpacking!


  1. Looks like you had a really fun weekend! And new haircuts always induce a case of the selfies!

  2. Your hair looks really cute! I'm thinking about chopping mine off right now even though I've been growing it out!


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