Jul 23, 2013

Oh Nebraska, I'm not a fan!

Hello friends!

I'm about to recap part of our trip so if you hate posts like that, this is not one to read!

We started off eager on July 13th, ready to head out on our trip. We got the rest of our supplies and headed home to finish our laundry. In typical fashion for us, we didn't get out of the house until after 8pm. We had a 3-4 hour drive ahead of us. Smart, right? Thankfully I have an awesome big brother who let us crash at his place for the night.

Bright and early we rolled out of bed and headed for some coffee. And doughnuts. I'm happy I am not on a diet because the amount of junk food consumed on this roadtrip would have royally effed that up! Fresh Krispy Kremes in hand, we hit the road. If you don't follow me on Instagram, we flipped a coin the Friday night before we left to see which direction our roadtrip would take us. [Side note: Friday night, we went to my first tractor pull and besides getting really sick at the end of the night and being partially deaf, I had a blast!] After being unclear about which side of the coin meant which direction, two flips both said West. SO, we were headed West towards Colorado, maybe farther.

It was about a 12 hour drive to the first place in Colorado we wanted to stop at so we picked a halfway point in Nebraska to spend our first night at. If any of you live in Nebraska, please don't take offense to what I'm about to say. I hate Nebraska! Hate is a strong word but after the crap experience we had on the way there and back, it's fitting. We chose a spot about two hours from the Colorado border and I booked a hotel online. Nothing spendy by any means but I was hoping it wasn't a dodgy place. Nebraska is probably one of the most boring states to drive across as it's a straight shot without much to look at.

We got to our hotel and it didn't seem too bad. The room was huge and a king sized bed was nice. We just settled in and rested for awhile. We finally decided at 9 that we should probably eat supper. There wasn't a whole lot we could eat because we couldn't just leave Gage in our hotel room. Pizza hut was about the only thing we could order so we called in our order for delivery. Twenty to thirty minutes was the wait time and it didn't seem too bad. Oh how wrong the wait time was! At about 9:45 I asked M if he was going to call to see what was up. He said he'd give them until 10pm (an hour wait for a simple pizza) and then call. A little after 10 he called and the guy working claimed it was out for delivery and it should be there any minute. We asked if it was going to be free or at least discounted since it took more than twice as long as it should. Never hurts to ask! This is where the employee started to get pretty rude. He claimed that there was absolutely nothing he could do and was mad that we even asked. I call BS that he couldn't do anything about it. M was getting frustrated with the guy and said we didn't want it anymore. Mid sentence, the freaking guy hung up on us! Twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door and a guy holding our pizza! M told him we didn't want it and the guy just said okay and walked away. Didn't question it at all!

Do not go to the Pizza hut in North Platte, Nebraska! We drove to the pizza hut before we left and it took less than a minute to get there from our hotel. Our guess is that they forgot about the pizza and put it in after we called to complain. I don't normally get upset about this kind of stuff but for the guy to be so rude and then hang up on us. Completely unacceptable!

Needless to say we got the hell out of Nebraska and celebrated when we crossed the border into beautiful Colorado!

That's all for today, folks!

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  1. I have never been to Nebraska but I sure do love Colorado! Sorry it didn't go well for you!


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