Jul 25, 2013

July Cara Box: Nautical love!

Cara Box

I was giving Cara Box from Wifessionals a break for the Summer but when I heard the theme for July, I knew I couldn't resist! The nautical theme is something I've been into a lot lately and I knew this box was perfect for me. 

Keep an eye out for what I sent to Kendra! Although I couldn't find about half of the stuff I wanted to send, I worked really hard to hand make everything so I can't wait to see what she thinks!

Rebekah from All That Glitters sent me a box this month and I couldn't be happier! I worked really hard on the box I sent out but she put mine to shame! She was the biggest sweetheart throughout the whole month and made sure I had a good experience this time! I was anxiously awaiting my box to arrive. I tore it open last night when I got home and was about in tears. Rebekah not only put together a box that fit me to a tee, but also went above and beyond what was expected to make sure I had a box that I liked loved! I cannot speak more highly of this amazing lady and I truly feel like I've gained a friend!

Been eyeing this exact watch on Pinterest for a long time!

1. Monogram anchor tumbler
2. Cupcake anchor kit
3. Lobster Napkins
4. Compass stamp and Paint
5. Mint and Coral anchor bracelets
6. Anchor buttons
7. Anchor watch
8. Chalkboard with compass stamp and chalk
9. Hot pink sharpies
10. Hot pink photo album

Is this not perfect for me? I hope you'll head over to Rebekah and check her out!



  1. This box is to die for!! I love the watch and anchor tumbler.
    Passionately Curious

  2. I hate wearing watches but that one might change my mind - I LOVE it! Nicely done.

  3. Um, I am dying over this box!!!! It is so so amazing!!!

  4. How do you sign up? I signed up last month, but still nothing to this day!

  5. This is a great box! You got so many awesome gifts! My favorite would probably have to be the bracelets!


  6. That chalkboard looks like so much fun! This is a great box. This is my first month participating and seeing so many fun boxes makes me want to do it again. I love mail :) http://www.wordsthatchangedme.com/


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