Jul 1, 2013

Activities That Cannot Be Spoken Of

Friday night we didn't get home from work until late. We had plans to hop on the motorcycle and head out but the weather decided we didn't need a ride that night. Gage got a hair cut and I got a pair of yoga pants full of fur. Then I put the finishing touches on my gift for the bridal shower! By the time I was done, my bed (and my husband) were calling my name so I crashed for the night.

I got to pass this awesome bag on and I put together an emergency kit! All of the things I thought we could possibly need the day of, I tossed in the bag! The only thing I wish I would have added more of was snacks because those were seriously a lifesaver the day of.
Mom and I hopped out of bed and scurried around getting ready. My soon-to-be sister had her bridal shower and we were running late! We headed over to help set up and I got to meet a few ladies in the wedding that I'd never met before. The shower went off fantastically well and I think the Bride-to-be had a good time! One of my favorite parts of the shower was all the wedding dresses we had hanging up. We had both mother's dresses, both grandma's dresses on the groom's side, a grandma's dress on the bride's side, and a great-grandma's dress on both sides. It was so beautiful to see how much the dresses had changed over the years! After all the presents were opened we all headed home for a few hours.
Hope they can fit this all in the car ;)
I was wearing my favorite bow but I felt like I should be more understated as I was not the bride so I took it out
Pinterest inspired wedding dress cake! I think there could have been a few tweaks made but the idea was still pretty awesome!
During the shower we all talked about how much we wanted to take a nap before the bachelorette party. Turns out only one of us actually accomplished that! We took a picture before we headed out and had to laugh because the whole group was about the same height. Since we're all so short, none of us were used to being in the back row for pictures! We split up into two teams and had a scavenger hunt. It was a blast racing around town trying to beat the Bride's team! My team ended up winning (obviously we rock) but it was a pretty close one. The winners got some awesome blue tumblers with kisses inside and the losing team got some nail polish. The rest of the night is staying off the blog but there was a good time had by all!

Sunday was spent recovering. We ate breakfast before my brother and a good friend headed back home. M and I were both exhausted so we enjoyed a nice afternoon nap! When we woke up we jumped on the chance to take a motorcycle ride. We rode over to my grandma's to see her new floors/freshly painted walls and hear a little bit about her trip to Alaska! We took a little bit longer of a trip out and then headed home. It was absolutely beautiful out and it put us both in a relaxed mood! We all came home and Dad cooked us one of my favorite suppers (chicken, wedge potatoes, and fresh veggies). We spent the rest of the night watching movies and getting ready for the week ahead!

Happy Monday friends!



  1. Y'all are just too precious! And what a fun shower - the whole day sounds fantastic and she's one lucky bride to be surrounded by such wonderful women! :)

  2. Looks like such a fun weekend and I love the bridal shower gift!

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