Jul 10, 2013

6 Days of Celebratin'

Is it really Wednesday?

You see, for me, today is a Monday. I've been off since last Thursday so it was particularly hard to get back into a routine today. As long as things work out the way we're hoping, we'll be headed out on a road trip early Saturday morning! I will try to handle the three day week but if you've seen any of the pictures I've posted lately, you know what I'm dealing with.

Since I had an extra long weekend, I actually have something to talk about! Although I didn't take many pictures, I tried to put down my phone and just enjoy my time off as much as possible! I did take a few so that might save me from this being the most boring post ever. Might. I make no promises friends.

Let's back up all the way back to last Wednesday. We celebrated the beginning of our long weekend with some delish fajitas that we stole from Alexa with a little bit of tweeking. I'm not always much of a cooked veggie fan (I prefer to eat 'em raw) but these were so good. We had a movie night and just relaxed!

Thursday morning we slept in a little and it was glorious! We finally drug our lazy bums out of bed and Mom made us one of my favorites breakfasts. We spent a good chunk of the day fishing and riding the motorcycle. We met up with some friends and headed out to fireworks. I love fireworks and these definitely made me happy! We went back out to the pond and spent the night hanging out with friends!

We woke up at the pond on Friday and ran a few errands. We ended up back out there later that night and the boys had some fun with a potato gun. As usual with boys, the fun turned into stupid ideas and the girls got out of there before something stupid happened! I took a good look around and remembered how beautiful this place we grew up in is. It's always good to stop and take it all in!

Saturday we had plans of shopping and heading back to the pond again. I scored some pretty comfy shorts and a cute shirt. M and I enjoyed a little Pancheros before we headed back home. We hung around the pond and went for a little swim. A little mishap had me ready to head home before the fireworks and I crashed at around 8:30.

After about 13 fabulous hours of sleep we woke up. Headed back to the Mall to fix our little mishap from the night before. Came back home, ready to bake when BAM, flat tire on the motorcycle. Huge nail sticking out. That's crappy event #2 in less than 24 hours. I made some delicious puppy chow which relieved some of the stress! Thanks to wonderful friends, we got the tire fixed for free and my mood got a little bit brighter. We headed back up to my house and got ready for our camping trip!

Monday morning we headed out pretty early for our tubing and camping trip! Time ran short and we missed both breakfast and lunch. After dealing with snotty employees at the campground, we finally made it out on the river. They said the water was flowing pretty fast so they took us out to a farther spot that they normally don't take tubers out to. They said it usually takes too long but with how fast the water was going, we should make it back in about 4 hours. Perfect timing, we thought! Over six hours later, running out of food & beverages, many sunburns and a few sloppy people, we got out of the water. We were about a half hour late to return the tubes but since we didn't stop at any point, it wasn't our fault. The employees watched us get out of the water, left a snotty note on the door, locked up and left. Cool. After threatening to take future business elsewhere they calmed down and we didn't get charged extra. I was exhausted and started to feel like crap. Everyone was fighting off going to bed because no one wanted to be the first ones out. Finally I'd had enough and the old married couple (as we're often referred to haha) went to bed.

Sleeping on the hard ground just isn't as comfy as it used to be so I didn't get much sleep. We woke up around 7am to thunder and I asked M if we should pack up the tents. He said yeah, probably but we both just stayed laying down. About 15 minutes later, the thunder got quite a bit more intense and everyone in our campsite decided we should clean up everything before it started to pour. We figured we had about 20 minutes til it started raining, shouldn't have been a problem! About 10 minutes later, it started to rain pretty good and we frantically tried to get everything put away. After huddling about 10 of us in a small camper we decided to make a run for the vehicles. I still wasn't feeling well so we just headed home. I spent most of the day sleeping and watching movies.

Although I still don't feel well, it was a perfect, long weekend! Now to get ready for our roadtrip, as long as we can swing it.


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