Jul 31, 2013

Ugly Photos Ahead

I've been intending on writing about the rest of our trip but I just haven't done it yet. Instead, today you're getting some pretty funny (read: ugly) photos of us trying to get the remote I bought for my camera to work.


Clearly my confused face is something for the books. Hope you had a good laugh! These were too funny to delete so now you get to enjoy them. 

Happy Wednesday!

Jul 25, 2013

July Cara Box: Nautical love!

Cara Box

I was giving Cara Box from Wifessionals a break for the Summer but when I heard the theme for July, I knew I couldn't resist! The nautical theme is something I've been into a lot lately and I knew this box was perfect for me. 

Keep an eye out for what I sent to Kendra! Although I couldn't find about half of the stuff I wanted to send, I worked really hard to hand make everything so I can't wait to see what she thinks!

Rebekah from All That Glitters sent me a box this month and I couldn't be happier! I worked really hard on the box I sent out but she put mine to shame! She was the biggest sweetheart throughout the whole month and made sure I had a good experience this time! I was anxiously awaiting my box to arrive. I tore it open last night when I got home and was about in tears. Rebekah not only put together a box that fit me to a tee, but also went above and beyond what was expected to make sure I had a box that I liked loved! I cannot speak more highly of this amazing lady and I truly feel like I've gained a friend!

Been eyeing this exact watch on Pinterest for a long time!

1. Monogram anchor tumbler
2. Cupcake anchor kit
3. Lobster Napkins
4. Compass stamp and Paint
5. Mint and Coral anchor bracelets
6. Anchor buttons
7. Anchor watch
8. Chalkboard with compass stamp and chalk
9. Hot pink sharpies
10. Hot pink photo album

Is this not perfect for me? I hope you'll head over to Rebekah and check her out!


Jul 23, 2013

Oh Nebraska, I'm not a fan!

Hello friends!

I'm about to recap part of our trip so if you hate posts like that, this is not one to read!

We started off eager on July 13th, ready to head out on our trip. We got the rest of our supplies and headed home to finish our laundry. In typical fashion for us, we didn't get out of the house until after 8pm. We had a 3-4 hour drive ahead of us. Smart, right? Thankfully I have an awesome big brother who let us crash at his place for the night.

Bright and early we rolled out of bed and headed for some coffee. And doughnuts. I'm happy I am not on a diet because the amount of junk food consumed on this roadtrip would have royally effed that up! Fresh Krispy Kremes in hand, we hit the road. If you don't follow me on Instagram, we flipped a coin the Friday night before we left to see which direction our roadtrip would take us. [Side note: Friday night, we went to my first tractor pull and besides getting really sick at the end of the night and being partially deaf, I had a blast!] After being unclear about which side of the coin meant which direction, two flips both said West. SO, we were headed West towards Colorado, maybe farther.

It was about a 12 hour drive to the first place in Colorado we wanted to stop at so we picked a halfway point in Nebraska to spend our first night at. If any of you live in Nebraska, please don't take offense to what I'm about to say. I hate Nebraska! Hate is a strong word but after the crap experience we had on the way there and back, it's fitting. We chose a spot about two hours from the Colorado border and I booked a hotel online. Nothing spendy by any means but I was hoping it wasn't a dodgy place. Nebraska is probably one of the most boring states to drive across as it's a straight shot without much to look at.

We got to our hotel and it didn't seem too bad. The room was huge and a king sized bed was nice. We just settled in and rested for awhile. We finally decided at 9 that we should probably eat supper. There wasn't a whole lot we could eat because we couldn't just leave Gage in our hotel room. Pizza hut was about the only thing we could order so we called in our order for delivery. Twenty to thirty minutes was the wait time and it didn't seem too bad. Oh how wrong the wait time was! At about 9:45 I asked M if he was going to call to see what was up. He said he'd give them until 10pm (an hour wait for a simple pizza) and then call. A little after 10 he called and the guy working claimed it was out for delivery and it should be there any minute. We asked if it was going to be free or at least discounted since it took more than twice as long as it should. Never hurts to ask! This is where the employee started to get pretty rude. He claimed that there was absolutely nothing he could do and was mad that we even asked. I call BS that he couldn't do anything about it. M was getting frustrated with the guy and said we didn't want it anymore. Mid sentence, the freaking guy hung up on us! Twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door and a guy holding our pizza! M told him we didn't want it and the guy just said okay and walked away. Didn't question it at all!

Do not go to the Pizza hut in North Platte, Nebraska! We drove to the pizza hut before we left and it took less than a minute to get there from our hotel. Our guess is that they forgot about the pizza and put it in after we called to complain. I don't normally get upset about this kind of stuff but for the guy to be so rude and then hang up on us. Completely unacceptable!

Needless to say we got the hell out of Nebraska and celebrated when we crossed the border into beautiful Colorado!

That's all for today, folks!

Jul 22, 2013

A Little Pouting

That's right.

I'm pouting because it's a Monday and I'm not still enjoying the view from above!

I think that's to be expected when you spend a whole week there with your husband and dog, just relaxing. Especially when it's your honeymoon!

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet so I can spend some time looking over all of my photos and writing up a few posts.

Hope y'all have a fantastic week!


Jul 11, 2013

Because I love my fabulous followers, I wanted to do a giveaway for you guys! I also wanted to 
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Hope you enjoy this! xoxo, Mandy

Jul 10, 2013

6 Days of Celebratin'

Is it really Wednesday?

You see, for me, today is a Monday. I've been off since last Thursday so it was particularly hard to get back into a routine today. As long as things work out the way we're hoping, we'll be headed out on a road trip early Saturday morning! I will try to handle the three day week but if you've seen any of the pictures I've posted lately, you know what I'm dealing with.

Since I had an extra long weekend, I actually have something to talk about! Although I didn't take many pictures, I tried to put down my phone and just enjoy my time off as much as possible! I did take a few so that might save me from this being the most boring post ever. Might. I make no promises friends.

Let's back up all the way back to last Wednesday. We celebrated the beginning of our long weekend with some delish fajitas that we stole from Alexa with a little bit of tweeking. I'm not always much of a cooked veggie fan (I prefer to eat 'em raw) but these were so good. We had a movie night and just relaxed!

Thursday morning we slept in a little and it was glorious! We finally drug our lazy bums out of bed and Mom made us one of my favorites breakfasts. We spent a good chunk of the day fishing and riding the motorcycle. We met up with some friends and headed out to fireworks. I love fireworks and these definitely made me happy! We went back out to the pond and spent the night hanging out with friends!

We woke up at the pond on Friday and ran a few errands. We ended up back out there later that night and the boys had some fun with a potato gun. As usual with boys, the fun turned into stupid ideas and the girls got out of there before something stupid happened! I took a good look around and remembered how beautiful this place we grew up in is. It's always good to stop and take it all in!

Saturday we had plans of shopping and heading back to the pond again. I scored some pretty comfy shorts and a cute shirt. M and I enjoyed a little Pancheros before we headed back home. We hung around the pond and went for a little swim. A little mishap had me ready to head home before the fireworks and I crashed at around 8:30.

After about 13 fabulous hours of sleep we woke up. Headed back to the Mall to fix our little mishap from the night before. Came back home, ready to bake when BAM, flat tire on the motorcycle. Huge nail sticking out. That's crappy event #2 in less than 24 hours. I made some delicious puppy chow which relieved some of the stress! Thanks to wonderful friends, we got the tire fixed for free and my mood got a little bit brighter. We headed back up to my house and got ready for our camping trip!

Monday morning we headed out pretty early for our tubing and camping trip! Time ran short and we missed both breakfast and lunch. After dealing with snotty employees at the campground, we finally made it out on the river. They said the water was flowing pretty fast so they took us out to a farther spot that they normally don't take tubers out to. They said it usually takes too long but with how fast the water was going, we should make it back in about 4 hours. Perfect timing, we thought! Over six hours later, running out of food & beverages, many sunburns and a few sloppy people, we got out of the water. We were about a half hour late to return the tubes but since we didn't stop at any point, it wasn't our fault. The employees watched us get out of the water, left a snotty note on the door, locked up and left. Cool. After threatening to take future business elsewhere they calmed down and we didn't get charged extra. I was exhausted and started to feel like crap. Everyone was fighting off going to bed because no one wanted to be the first ones out. Finally I'd had enough and the old married couple (as we're often referred to haha) went to bed.

Sleeping on the hard ground just isn't as comfy as it used to be so I didn't get much sleep. We woke up around 7am to thunder and I asked M if we should pack up the tents. He said yeah, probably but we both just stayed laying down. About 15 minutes later, the thunder got quite a bit more intense and everyone in our campsite decided we should clean up everything before it started to pour. We figured we had about 20 minutes til it started raining, shouldn't have been a problem! About 10 minutes later, it started to rain pretty good and we frantically tried to get everything put away. After huddling about 10 of us in a small camper we decided to make a run for the vehicles. I still wasn't feeling well so we just headed home. I spent most of the day sleeping and watching movies.

Although I still don't feel well, it was a perfect, long weekend! Now to get ready for our roadtrip, as long as we can swing it.


Jul 3, 2013

The Scariest Part of Riding A Motorcycle


Though we haven't gotten a chance to ride more than a few times this Summer, riding on the rocket/motorcycle/bike (whatever I happen to call it) is our favorite activity to do together. It's definitely a thrill to ride out in the open like that. The wind on your face, being able to see absolutely everything, it's all really beautiful and relaxing. It takes a whole new level of trust to hop on the back of a bike and know that you'll still be alive to get back off of it. It was something that initially I was apprehensive about. When M bought the bike (I was at orientation) I was not the biggest fan. I quickly got over that and demanded asked for a ride. M wasn't sure he trusted his driving skills enough to let me yet. He did though and I've been hooked ever since!

Lately there have been a lot of motorcycle accidents and it makes me hesitate a little when I take my seat on the back of that bike. Honestly, wearing a helmet is a hassle. It usually makes your neck hurt and don't even get me started on helmet hair. I'm horrible but a lot of times I skip wearing it. A friend just wiped out on his bike and has some nasty road rash all over his body. A girl my age just died recently near here after a drunk driver struck the motorcycle her and her boyfriend were riding. Though I know it's dangerous, sometimes I forget how easily we could get hurt! I definitely think twice before leaving without a helmet now. We choose to get on the bike and expose ourselves to the elements. There are only so many ways you can protect yourself (helmets, gloves, protective shoes and clothes) from the danger. We do not choose to be exposed to the stupidity of some people who don't respect those who ride motorcycles.

Although we don't have anything planned for the 4th, I don't doubt that we'll take a ride or two over the long weekend. Although having respect for motorcycles deserves constant attention, I really want to stress a few things over this holiday weekend. 

1. Space - Please, please, please if you approach a motorcycle, give them plenty of space. It's not like a car where if you get too close and you rear-end them, there will be minimal damage. If you rear-end a motorcycle, the passengers will most likely lose their lives. 

2. Let them go by - Do not EVER pull out in front of a motorcycle. Being cut off while riding on a motorcycle is by far the scariest thing I've ever witnessed. It's so easy to lose your balance on a bike and if the motorcycle has to swerve to avoid hitting you, they will probably lay it down.

3. Don't show off - I know especially riding a rocket, there is a tendency for cars to show off by passing you or trying to race you in a risky spot. We're not trying to show off for you, we're just trying to enjoy a ride. Don't put us in a dangerous situation just so you can try to prove how manly your car or truck is. Chances are the driver of the bike might try to show off too and that's just stupid!

4. Watch for lights - the lights on a motorcyle are usually pretty small. This makes them really hard to see, especially at night when you have the oncoming cars blinding you. The blinkers on most bikes are extremely tiny and they blink really fast. You have to be very aware of what the motorcycle is doing so you can react quickly. Motorcycles can stop much faster than cars which is good when trying to avoid hitting something but very bad if the car behind you isn't paying attention.

5. Brake cautiously - if you see that a motorcycle is behind you, brake very cautiously. If you slam on your brakes, there is a very good chance that the bike could slam into the back of your car. I don't even want to picture what could result from that.

It can be easy to forget that driving near a motorcycle is a much more dangerous situation than driving near any other vehicle. The thing I can't stress enough is RESPECT. You don't want to be that person who causes a motorcycle to get into an accident. Even if they're wearing a helmet (which is not required by law in a lot of states) it is so easy to have a fatality. 

Just remember, if your family or friends were the ones riding, wouldn't you want others to respect them?

Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend, y'all!


P.S. Don't be stupid and drive after you've been drinking! Set up a DD or don't drink people, use some common sense!

Jul 1, 2013

Activities That Cannot Be Spoken Of

Friday night we didn't get home from work until late. We had plans to hop on the motorcycle and head out but the weather decided we didn't need a ride that night. Gage got a hair cut and I got a pair of yoga pants full of fur. Then I put the finishing touches on my gift for the bridal shower! By the time I was done, my bed (and my husband) were calling my name so I crashed for the night.

I got to pass this awesome bag on and I put together an emergency kit! All of the things I thought we could possibly need the day of, I tossed in the bag! The only thing I wish I would have added more of was snacks because those were seriously a lifesaver the day of.
Mom and I hopped out of bed and scurried around getting ready. My soon-to-be sister had her bridal shower and we were running late! We headed over to help set up and I got to meet a few ladies in the wedding that I'd never met before. The shower went off fantastically well and I think the Bride-to-be had a good time! One of my favorite parts of the shower was all the wedding dresses we had hanging up. We had both mother's dresses, both grandma's dresses on the groom's side, a grandma's dress on the bride's side, and a great-grandma's dress on both sides. It was so beautiful to see how much the dresses had changed over the years! After all the presents were opened we all headed home for a few hours.
Hope they can fit this all in the car ;)
I was wearing my favorite bow but I felt like I should be more understated as I was not the bride so I took it out
Pinterest inspired wedding dress cake! I think there could have been a few tweaks made but the idea was still pretty awesome!
During the shower we all talked about how much we wanted to take a nap before the bachelorette party. Turns out only one of us actually accomplished that! We took a picture before we headed out and had to laugh because the whole group was about the same height. Since we're all so short, none of us were used to being in the back row for pictures! We split up into two teams and had a scavenger hunt. It was a blast racing around town trying to beat the Bride's team! My team ended up winning (obviously we rock) but it was a pretty close one. The winners got some awesome blue tumblers with kisses inside and the losing team got some nail polish. The rest of the night is staying off the blog but there was a good time had by all!

Sunday was spent recovering. We ate breakfast before my brother and a good friend headed back home. M and I were both exhausted so we enjoyed a nice afternoon nap! When we woke up we jumped on the chance to take a motorcycle ride. We rode over to my grandma's to see her new floors/freshly painted walls and hear a little bit about her trip to Alaska! We took a little bit longer of a trip out and then headed home. It was absolutely beautiful out and it put us both in a relaxed mood! We all came home and Dad cooked us one of my favorite suppers (chicken, wedge potatoes, and fresh veggies). We spent the rest of the night watching movies and getting ready for the week ahead!

Happy Monday friends!