Jun 5, 2013

Things I Should Have Learned

It's a dreary Wednesday here so I'm sitting down to do a little writing! I had a post that I planned for today but our little bump in the road yesterday postponed that one until at least next week. Some days I have absolutely no idea what to write about! I decided to poke around on the awesome topics list that Wifessionals has put together.

The one that stuck out to me was 3 things I wish I had known how to do before moving out of my parents house. Well since we're still in school, we're back and forth between living at my parent's house and our own place at school. Though we still live there, I have a few things that I struggled with when I moved out! Most people my age would say getting a job, not ruining all your clothes, cooking basic meals without burning the place down, those sort of things. Not even close for me!

This is me saying "You want me to do what? On my own?"

One thing I really wish I would have learned is the dreaded budget! My parents taught me how to handle money, don't get me wrong! I've had a checkbook since I was 14 and a pretty steady job since then as well so I knew how to balance a checkbook. I never really bought extravagant things so I never paid attention to how much I was spending. Then I got to college and I didn't have a job for an entire semester. My parents are amazing and they helped me out but I've never felt so helpless in my life! I hated depending on them for money when I should have been making it myself. I finally got a job second semester but all of our spare money went for the wedding! We had a ton of help from our family but it was still pretty draining on the bank account. When we moved into our apartment, we had very little savings! The money from the wedding went pretty quickly and I only had a very part time job to help pay the bills. 

Living paycheck to paycheck was honestly no fun and I'm so thankful that my parents would help us out with groceries so we could make sure all of our bills were paid. Once second semester came and we both had solid jobs, I decided it was time to make a budget. But I was clueless! Mint.com came to the rescue but it was still hard to know how much to allot for each category. I tweak it pretty regularly but we've already started working on our savings and I feel like I have a better handle on the budget!

The second thing I really wish I would have learned is how to just grab a bunch of ingredients and come up with a meal. This one is my fault and my fault alone! My mom and brother used to pester me to come into the kitchen and help cook so I would learn how. I never saw the use so I always refused! I can cook just about anything as long as I have a recipe and I've actually started to like cooking! Yet if you just give me a kitchen full of ingredients and say come up with something, you'll probably find me hiding in a corner looking confused! I've started to measure things less and cook by taste but that is a skill that takes a long time to master! My poor, poor husband may suffer a time or two because of this one!

The last thing I wish I would have learned is how to be comfortable getting things done on my own. Now my mom made me do a lot of things on my own but like every good mother does, she helped me out a lot too. She would schedule appointments for me and call people when things needed to be figured out. When you get out on your own, you have to do all of that yourself. As I've talked about, I hate talking on the phone! I have to give myself a little pep-talk when I want to schedule a hair appointment or order takeout. Trying to figure out where important places are at or what I need to do to get school stuff fixed is a challenge I've learned all about over the last two years! 

Two of the three things are hard to prepare for until you get out on your own and do them! One was purely my own fault! Figuring out these things is just a part of the adventure :)

What do you wish you knew before moving out?



  1. Have you ever looked at Dave Ramsey's stuff? He's our favorite when it comes to money and budgets! :)
    And no worries on the throwing ingredients together thing. I have a really hard time finding whatever is in my cupboard and making a meal with it. I have to have a plan and a recipe hahaha

    1. I LOVE dave ramsey's stuff! That man is a genius!

      I hate budgeting.. luckily the hubs works in finance, so he takes care of all of the messy stuff..

      I wish I knew how to cook before moving out! I was so spoiled and never had to cook. BUT I had to learn super quick (by calling mom every day) or else we'd be obese from eating McDonalds everyday or super skinny from starving! ha!

    2. Dave Ramsey is great. My dad took us to one of his seminars and it was magnificent. Act your wage is my favorite quote from him.

  2. I think I wished we had been a little more serious about our budget from the start. We aren't big, crazy spenders by any means... but I wish I'd thought more about saving right from the beginning!!


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