Jun 28, 2013

That First Date Did Me In

*Mushy Alert- do not read if you dislike sappy, lovey posts!*

Four years ago today I was sitting at my Grandma's 75th birthday party with all of my family. My best friend texted me to ask if I wanted to catch a movie with him and another one of his friends. I got the okay to leave and he headed over. This other friend canceled so it would just be me and him.

Insert ridiculous amount of teasing from my family. You see I had just broken up with my boyfriend and they thought it was necessary to tease me for going out with another guy, alone. That wasn't the plan I told them, he's just a friend I told them. Neither of us really admitted that it was a first date until after the movies. After helping him find his way to the house (he drove to the wrong place) I was ready to leave. They nearly scared him away by trying to force him to "come and talk" before we left. I stopped that one real quick!

We headed out to see Transformers 3. For a first date, this was just about the longest freaking movie we could have picked. We had a very awkward run-in with my (very) recent ex-boyfriends family. They just so happened to be at the same movie, at the same time. This definitely added to the "stress" of a first date. Halfway through the movie we both summoned up the courage to reach over, at the same time, to hold hands. I'm pretty sure I nearly broke his fingers, I was holding his hand so tight. The movie finally ended, though I don't really remember any of it, and we headed out the back exit. We sprinted to the car but at that moment we knew my ex's family had seen us for sure. There'd be hell to pay for that one but we really didn't care!

He asked if it would be alright to stop and see a few of his friends before he took me back to my house. It was still pretty early because I had an awesome curfew but I said sure as long as we got home in time. Meeting friends on the first date? Dang, this kid must really like me I thought. We stopped to see these friends who had had a few to drink. He introduces me and then proceeds to leave me alone while he goes to the bathroom. I don't know how long he was in there but it sure felt like forever. We headed out pretty soon after that and had a good, random conversation on the 45 minute drive home.

I started to get nervous when we pulled onto my gravel road. Would he kiss me? What teenage girl doesn't think that on the first date! Then I thought, this guy is my best friend, what if he kisses me and it ruins everything? What if we don't work out? I can still remember that exactly where we were standing, exactly how I felt, because that was the last first kiss I will ever have. I think I was a little head over heels from that first kiss on.
This picture was taken just a few weeks before

*Extra Mushy Alert*
I never would have thought that just over three years later I would marry this kid! I can't believe how much our relationship has changed since then and all of the things we've been through. Because I know you'll read this tonight, or in a day or two, I love you M and I'm so happy you asked me to hang out that day. We had that gut feeling but who would have ever thought we'd be where we are today? Thank you for taking that leap with me!


P.S. Happy 79th birthday Grandma, I love you!


  1. BEAUTIFUL story :) It reminds me a lot of my husband & I's history - started off best friends as well! I vividly remember being nervous that starting a relationship with him would ruin what we had. How stupid is that logic?? Very. Anyways, thanks so much for sharing - just loved reading about you two and reflecting on my own past as well! XO

  2. Well I LOVE mushy and think this story is awesome!!! :) Isn't it crazy how much can change in just a short amount of time?! So happy to see someone else so happy!!

  3. AH, so cute!!!! And ps.. your eyebrows are perfection in that picture!!! :)


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