Jun 13, 2013

Ranting about the bling!

I'm about to rant a little because sometimes it's good to get things off your mind! Plus, I failed on the crafting front for the second week in a row so I have nothing else to talk about. If today's topic still includes Pinterest, does it count as Pinterest Thursday? I say yes!

Many of you who use Pinterest have probably encountered this a time or two (hundred). The infamous wedding board before you're even engaged. Quite honestly, I didn't even join until after I was engaged so I wasn't guilty of this. However, had I joined before, I'm pretty sure you could have found me in that crowd. I understand you want to dream and fantasize about that big day. Who doesn't? I just want to say that what you think you'll want at your wedding will most likely change by the time you're actually planning it (my ideas changed twice while in the process of planning). Don't get too attached to those ideas because they probably won't be happening!

That's not even the part that bothers me. What sends me over the edge is girls who constantly, and I mean literally multiple times a day, pin images of engagement rings that they want. Not just pretty rings, but $100,000 rings that they most likely will never have but still label as "The ring I'll have one day!" Girl, who are you kidding? Unless you're solely looking for a sugar daddy, chances are your ring will look nothing like that. Dream on!

This makes me wonder why we're so obsessed with an engagement ring. I know I'm guilty of stalking someone's Facebook/Twitter/Instagram when I hear they're engaged to see a photo of the bling. Why? I sure don't know! Then when you do see it, you go into instant judgement mode. A lot of times it makes you forget about the meaning behind it (even if just for a second). I would have taken a piece of string if it still meant that I would get married to my best friend!

The reason this topic comes to mind is because I've dealt with a lot of judgement over my ring. Many people don't know that I actually had a part in choosing my ring. M wanted to make sure I would have something that I would love, even though I tried to reassure him that I would love whatever he picked. Diamonds are pretty, yes, that's for sure. I didn't want diamonds. Gasp! I wanted something that had more meaning! I gave him simple ideas and let him run with it. I said my favorite was a three stone setting (because I had a small solitare ring and I constantly scratched myself) in white gold. If he chose something that was aquamarine or pink, I would be in heaven! Honestly, we spent more on my husband's ring that on my engagement ring and wedding band put together! I don't know exactly what he spent on my engagement ring (nor do I want to) but I know a ballpark!

From many photos and even in person, it looks like a three large diamonds with a small row of diamonds on the side. I always laugh when people ask if it is! My birthday is in March and my birthstone is aquarmarine. The three large stones in my ring are aquamarine and that has more meaning than any diamond ever could! The second I say that my engagement ring isn't full of diamonds, I see the instant judgement come across someone's face. "Oh....didn't you want a diamond ring?" Like that was the only thing I cared about when it slipped on my finger!

An engagement ring is a symbol of you being taken. A symbol of the commitment you're about to make to your significant other. Most importantly, the commitment you're about to make with God! We've become so obsessed with material things and we forget the true meaning behind these all! When I hear stories about girls who throw a fit about the diamond in their ring not being big enough or returning the ring for something they like better, I want to cry for the one who gave it to them! They truly don't deserve going through that as I'm sure they spent a painstakingly long amount of time picking it out in the first place!

Ladies, you can dream all you want but please don't put such a ridiculous amount of pressure on your man in an already stressful situation! Do you really want to be carrying around something on your hand that could put you at risk of being robbed, anyway?

End rant.



  1. You are totally right. 1) the girl is putting way too much pressure on their guy to get a ring they will have to sell a kidney for by posting that 10 carat ring beyonce is sporting. 2) While I love my ring, I would have been happy with whatever. I was all for B saving money anywhere he could. Whether that meant a smaller diamond or no diamond at all. Have you seen champagne saphires? So beautiful and 1/10th the cost!

  2. I think you should have whatever ring you want! :) I have a friend who has a pearl ring with two little diamonds on the side and it's gorgeous and so her! Who says you have to be traditional?!

  3. Considering I lost my first set which did have the diamond in the middle, well the husband found out that all along I would have been just as happy with a Sapphire, which is what I have now and have had for the past 2 years. Totally with you in not over spending on the ring.

  4. I'm so proud to say that I didn't have a wedding board nor browsed that section until I was engaged, and even know I'm still not obsessed, I think it's weird when girls pin 100,000 dollar rings and I'd be perfectly happy with whatever he chose-he knows my style and picked perfectly! I don't know the cost and don't care to know either!!!! :)

  5. I completely agree with this. The only reason I found out how much my engagement ring cost was because the diamond actually fell out of the first one, so I had to take it to get it fixed - unfortunately I ended up with a new ring, still the same design, just not the exact ring hubby picked out. I know the ring was destined to be mine though because it was the only one of that design left in the shop when hubby bought it AND it was the right size - although he took a risk because he didn't ask me my ring size before buying it. He kept the ring for three weeks before asking me if I'd like to 'marry me, maybe' (bless him) and I wouldn't trade my engagement ring for any of those fancy $100,000 ones I'm always seeing in magazines and on pinterest! Sentiment means so much more than monetary value! Great post, Mandy xx

  6. FANTASTIC post girlfriend! The "dream ring" pins killlll meeee! The only thing I ever told Jared, and it was really in passing once, is that I liked princess-cut diamonds. That's it... never looked at them together, showed him pics, nothing! And I LOVE that he picked out the perfect ring for me!

  7. Mandy, this was a very heartfelt post. Good job. I loved every bit of it especially when you said that an engagement ring is a symbol of being taken...a committment. I feel as though SO many women who aren't engaged yet just don't get this. They are so caught up in the excitement of the ring, without making sure the person who will ask them is marriage-quality and the perfect person for them.

    I'm glad I was patient as heck and waited for my fiance. I was in a 4 year relationship in college and I ended that about a week before graduation. Best.decision.i.ever.made!


  8. I love this post. It's so amazing. I have a unique wedding ring too. I have a pearl ring.

  9. I agree with this to a point - I think that a ring with a story or more meaning behind it is beautiful and I would never judge someone for not having a diamond ring, but I also think that for a lot of people - it's a ring that they intend to wear for the rest of their life. And most women don't just go out and buy themselves diamonds - it's not something most people can afford and it's not something someone would buy for themself. An engagement ring is first and foremost a symbol of love and commitment, and it would mean nothing to me if I had a diamond ring from someone who I wasn't head over heels for. But I think to a lot of women, diamonds are beautiful and traditional and some people are traditional and that's something that just goes with the commitment.

    But I totally understand where you're coming from and I think your ring is gorgeous. (And don't even get me started on the Pinterest wedding board thing...I'm totally with you on that one!)


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