Jun 10, 2013

Another One Has Come and Gone

Well, well, well, another weekend has come and gone. Settling into the Summer routine takes awhile and I feel like I'm not getting a single thing accomplished! I have a few goals set for this week so I'm hoping things get accomplished!

We're also still waiting for an important phone call so if you could think some happy thoughts for us, we'd really appreciate it!

On to the weekend!

1. Went to a friend (and bridesmaids) graduation party and spotted this little number from the wedding. Love that the girls I chose to stand by my side got along so well even though most of them didn't know each other!
2. Got my I Do Voxbox from Influenster and tried out the toothpaste! I was a little quite nervous when I saw how blue it was, especially when I started brushing my teeth and it was still blue. Not sure yet if it made my teeth whiter but they didn't come out blue and my mouth was pretty fresh so I give it a thumbs up!

3. Played with all of our feisty little kittens. They're at the perfect age where they just jump around and tackle each other. I miss being around kittens all the time!

4. While searching for a wedding card. Real nice Walmart, glad cards are categorized as birthday and not birthday. Keeping it classy I see!

5. First wedding of the season! Daddy (the groom) dancing with his daughter to Suit and Tie. The dance they planned at the beginning of the song was hilarious and made for great entertainment!

6. Being reminded of our big day! I was tearing up at the Father-Daughter (bride) dance and the first dance a little bit before this picture was taken. I love love and I love weddings!

Hope your weekend was fulfilling and your Monday isn't too much of a downer!


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