May 6, 2013

Words to Live By - Day 4

Well, I'm a day late and dollar short with this post. It's finals week but I spent the weekend with family and packing up things from our apartment. That combination means I neglected all things blogging for the weekend. Family time trumps all and packing is pretty important at this point.

My Friday night consisted of cleaning up and hanging out with my brother. My parents got here late Friday night and we all headed to bed after talking for awhile. Saturday we got up and headed out for breakfast at Perkins. A mammoth banana nut muffin was calling my name and boy was it delicious! I prefer not to even think about how many calories were in that baby. Then my parents headed off to my brothers and we came home to do some more cleaning. Except naps always sound like a better choice so we wasted enjoyed the afternoon sleeping. Though we were supposed to pack more we ended up heading to my brothers for some more family time. We hit up Coldstone where I once again got way more than I can eat and they proceeded to mess up our order. A little game night consisting of Mad Gab and Yahtzee followed. Sunday I got up early and spent the morning packing. My family came back and we have a little grillout. I whipped up some chip dip in honor of Cinco de Mayo but that's the extent of our celebrating. After my family left we just hung out and went to bed at a decent time for once.

Now on to my blog every day in May post for Saturday because I'm a slacker. The topic was favorite quote and why you love it. I'll admit that I have no clear quote that I'm obsessed with because every time I find a new quote I love, it becomes my favorite. I'm going to share a little blurb about a few that stick out in my mind at the moment!

This one makes me laugh because I'm constantly finding myself nervous around people. Even friends because I look up to them. This is especially true with friends that I have who are older than me. For some reason that scares me and I always have to remember I shouldn't be nervous because I know they're awesome. This also applies to bloggers! There are so many bloggers who I would love to be friends with but I get so nervous. I strike up a small conversation but if it seems like they aren't interested (I usually just assume they aren't..) then I give up. I have to remember that there are a lot of awesome people out there that I have the chance to meet through blogging. I just have to stop being so intimidated and reach out!

A friend wrote this to me just after my Grandpa passed almost two years ago (wow, I can't believe it's been that long) and it really stuck with me. I was so heartbroken when he passed because he was the only Grandpa I had ever known. I can definitely say that these words really helped me keep upbeat and remember all the happy memories I had with him!

This one just reminds me that although I am just one small person, I can still have a huge effect on something or someone. That's all I need to be inspired to do something good.

I find myself feeling overwhelmed a lot. I worry about things I shouldn't and I stress over things that really don't need to be stressed over. All I have to do is put my trust in God and let go. He'll take care of the rest!

The last "quote" of sorts that I want to talk about are our vows. We each said the traditional vows and then both wrote our own vows. We wanted the meaning traditional vows carried but there were extras we wanted to add. I still remember writing them and vowing to my husband on our special day. I read them pretty regularly to remind myself of all the things I promised in front of our family, friends, and most importantly, God. How could those special words not be your favorite?


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  1. I think finals week is a perfectly legitimate excuse not to blog ;) I haven't been dedicated to finishing and scheduling my posts the past week because I'm trying to put life ahead of my blog.


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