May 10, 2013

What happens when you work with kids -- Day 10

I have a few days to catch up on but I decided to start with today first!

Today's Blog Every Day in May topic is your most embarrassing story. In my foggy, no-sleep-from-packing brain, I'm struggling to come up with all the good stories. I can tell you the most recent story of embarrassment however..

On Wednesday I got to work and as usual it was nap-time. I sat down next to the usual kids to put them to sleep. About twenty minutes into my shift, one of the little girls woke up hysterically crying. She had to go to the bathroom and she scared herself awake. I ran her to the bathroom in the classroom so she wouldn't wake up all of the other kids.

She clung to me like I've never felt before. I honestly could not pull her away from me. She was crying pretty hard so I kept telling her she needed to breathe. I knew she had a history of getting so upset that she threw up so I repeatedly tried to calm her down. She calmed down after about 5 minutes and then out of nowhere she lost it again.

30 seconds later I hear the sound that no one ever wants to hear.

Before I could turn her away from me and towards the toilet or trashcan, she vomited on me. Not small child spit-up, but full on 3 year old throwing up. That's so TMI but to get the full effect of embarrassment I had to tell you.

Now I don't do well with people throwing up. I instantly start to gag and hyperventilate. In any other situation I would have just walked away but because it was my job, I just had to clean it up. I got her to sit down and she was perfectly fine after that. I pulled my act together and cleaned it up but it was not a pretty sight.

Then I turned my attention to my clothes. I had to salvage what I was wearing because I didn't have a shirt to change into. I cleaned it up as best I could but the smell was unbearable. Thankfully I carry a small bottle of perfume in my purse so I doused myself until I couldn't smell it. Every time the smell of perfume went away, I'd run back to my purse and spray myself again.

I spent 5 hours smelling like vomit and a prostitute. When M picked me up I knew he could tell I smelled funny. After I explained what happened he said "well I thought you smelled like Lysol but I didn't want to say anything.."

And that's the story of my most recent embarrassment! Have a happy weekend friends!



  1. Oh how awful!!! I'm so sorry!!!!

  2. Ughhh, so awful! I don't do well with people getting sick either. I feel your pain!! :(

  3. Oh god, that is truly awful, although I must confess, it did make me chuckle - mainly the line about five hours spent smelling like vomit and a prostitute :) Stopping by from your guest post at wetooktheroadlesstraveled :)


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