May 7, 2013

The post where you realize I'm crazy.. - Day 7

Well, I already confessed my fear of talking to strangers on the phone in Friday's post but that's not what I'm most afraid of. Today I'm about to tell you all about my irrational fear of...

The dark.

If I'm walking around our apartment or my parent's home at night, you can bet I will flip on all the lights so I don't have to run around like an idiot. When it's time to head off to bed, I calculate the quickest way from the light switch until I'm in the light again, flip the switch, then run like hell to get out of the dark. The whole way, I am absolutely certain something is right because me. I hate walking outside at night if I'm by myself. I will avoid it at all costs! I am certain that no matter where I'm at, the second the lights go off someone is going to pop out of the dark when I turn around.

My other fear?

Being kidnapped.

This has always been something I was afraid of and part of the reason I have a fear of the dark, even since I was little. I'm not sure what started this but I think the fear has gotten more intense, the older I get. I'm sure all the movies I've watched where some young girl gets kidnapped haven't helped. Taken? It's got me scared out of my mind. I usually try to keep the door locked while I'm home but I'm still paranoid that something might happen. If I hear any noise at night outside our apartment or when I'm home at my parents' house I will go into instant panic mode. My parents live out in the country so hearing noises outside is pretty common. I just assume that someone must be there to take me. Completely logical, right? Then every noise I hear after that becomes that much more intense. I start imagining where I'm going to hide if I do hear someone in the house. Every. Time. Then I get myself so worked up that I spend half the night trying to calm down.

What I look like when I hear noises.. Image via
Late one night, while I was in high school, I thought for sure I was being kidnapped. I was sitting in the living room watching tv when I heard the door knob rattling in the kitchen. The kitchen, dining room, and living room are all connected into one big room so I was fairly close to the door. My panic kicked in and I thought someone was trying to break into our house. The stairs that lead to the second floor of the house were in between me and the kitchen. I took off running and got about half way up the stairs. Suddenly someone caught me and pulled me onto the stairs. I instantly started sobbing and screaming.. Turns out my brother who was in college at the time came home in the middle of the night to surprise us. He didn't know that I would be awake when he got home so he just came in. When I took off running he was afraid I would wake my parents up so he caught me before I made it upstairs. It took quite awhile to calm down and he felt bad that he scared me.

And now I'm sitting here wondering how anyone sticks around to read my blog. You poor people must think I'm bat shit crazy. But hey, now you know that if you ever try to fake kidnap me, I will never forgive you!

Back to studying for my finals! Happy Tuesday friends, after tomorrow at 12 pm I can officially celebrate the start of my Summer!



  1. Haha, I am in the middle of writing a post EXACTLY like this, and I was actually going to take that same type of photo, I just ran out of time and didn't have a cooperative husband haha, he thought I was weird! I was going to shine a flashlight on my face and have a frightened look! :) I LOVE how much we are alike!

  2. And P.S. that story is SUPER creepy!!! I would have been petrified and wouldn't have been able to move. I hope your brother bought you lots of chocolate and pretty things to make up for scaring you half to death!

  3. I have a fear of the dark too. I try to sing out loud to myself to keep the fear away. Sometimes it helps but sometimes not.

  4. That's the most terrifying story. I probably would have peed my pants!

  5. I'm afraid of the dark, too! I have such a vivid imagination that I'm SURE someone is going to jump out at me!

  6. You are NOT crazy... I get super nervous being at the house at night by myself. The combination of it being dark and kidnapping/burglars etc ALWAYS pops into my mind!

  7. HAHA! Totally not alone in either of those! When my hubs is out of town I sleep with the lights on. Now, please don't think I'm crazy! :)

  8. Totally acceptable to be afraid of the dark! I sometimes flip the switch and sprint myself - you're not alone, don't worry!

    Found you today from Robin's blog and you and your blog are so cute! Looking forward to reading more and getting to know you better! :)

  9. You and I share the same fears! I had to stop watching E!s "Beautiful and Missing" because I was certain one day that would happen to me. And, I have a very similar story to yours about thinking "I was going to be kidnapped". My family was visiting from Brazil and my uncle who was only 4 years older than I had gone out with some friends. He came in through the sliding glass door while I was asleep, he made an attempt to grab my arm but I was too fast. I was so afraid I didn't even hear him say my name. Only difference was I woke up the entire house with my yelling and banging on my parent's door (I scared the ish out of everyone). So, I totally relate!



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