May 23, 2013

The Future

Things probably look a little different around here, right?

Well Miss Erin from Love, Fun and Football gave me this awesome makeover and I couldn't be more excited! She was so easy to work with, even when you are picky and have no idea what you want. If you're even thinking about getting a blog design, run over and check her out!

This little space of mine is no longer Through the Newlywed Lens. There are some big changes going on behind the scenes right now and I felt like the title just didn't fit anymore. Everybody sees life through a different lens and ours is changing. Being newlyweds is not our concentration anymore so this place is reflecting our family now! Through the Hanson Lens is what you'll be seeing from now on! I also took the plunge and got myself a dot com address!

I'm not exactly sure where this place of mine is headed but I do know things will be different in the near future. I love seeing the new faces and I really hope I have the chance to know you all better!

Hopefully you'll be seeing me regularly from now on!


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