May 24, 2013

Summer Mama

Remember when I said that I like to play Mom to my friends? Well this Summer is no different! I have a handful of friends who are in other states for at least part of the Summer. I will be sending letters left and right which is always fun because I love to get mail! On top of sending letters I know I will be sending a care package or two to all those friends who are away (said friends, you know who you are so if you want a package I need an address!) and I started brainstorming ideas.

When I send out boxes I'll be sure to post what I sent and I will be coming up with more ideas all Summer long. Here are three ideas I've come up with so far! 

Care Package #Colorado

Letters from Home

Care Package #Relaxation #Texas

The first box is just a modge-podge of a care package. Stamps are a must for all of the letters they'll be sending. Some stationary and a journal are also important! Then I included a disposable camera to capture some memories (although they all have camera phones, it's still fun to take old-school pictures). Luna bars, Starbucks, and nail polish are just some fun little extras.

The second box is all about writing letters. A notebook (monogrammed is always a good idea) because you can never have enough paper. Stamps and envelopes as well! Fun pens are a must-have if you're going to be writing that much. No one wants to stare at black words for that long! Sticky notes are also good to include because you can jot down mini notes so you remember them when you sit down to write the whole letter.

The last box I came up with is just for relaxing. Being away from home can be stressful! Especially if you're preoccupied while you're gone, it can be easy to let stress get to you. The cookies and gum are things I would love to get in a package. Chapstick, lotion, and a candle are instant relaxers! The hairspray and nail polish are to get yourself all dolled up! Sometimes just putting a little bit of effort in can make all the difference!

What are you ideas for care packages?


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  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea!! Think I may just have to steal it... I love getting mail and I know other people do too!


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