May 30, 2013

Pinterest Thursday around these parts!

I know what you're probably thinking..

For real, another blog that talks all about Pinterest? I know, I know, it's so original. Sometimes I feel like I pin all of these things for absolutely no reason. Sure I have great ideas for all those projects and recipes, but how many have I really tried? Very few. That's a shame really!

Enter Pinterest Thursday.

My challenge for this Summer is to complete at least one Pinterest item a week and then share it with you on Thursdays. Success or fail, I will be talking about it all. This will make me put the true reason behind Pinterest to good use and I will clean out all the junk on my boards! I'm hoping there will be more completed projects than flops but we'll just have to wait and see now won't we?

My very first project was an awesome thrift shop painting to chalk board makeover. I found a pin way back when I first started with Pinterest about tracking your pregnancy with chalkboard updates. The post was by Little Baby Garvin (she's from Iowa!) and I started reading along. When I found her chalkboard tutorial post, I knew it was something I had to do! Growing up, I always really loved to write on chalkboards. Now is my chance to have my own!

-Old paintings with a sturdy wood backing (Bought mine from Goodwill, spent about $9 for two)
-Chalkboard paint (I used Rust-Oleum liquid chalkboard paint. You can use a different brand or the spray paint kind but this is what I've tried)
-Brush or Roller (I used a brush but I will be using a roller when I make the bigger chalkboard as the brush left a lot of lines)
-Newspaper or something to paint on

I put down newspaper to cover our table. I painted both the glass and wood backing to see which turned out better. The wood backing wasn't smooth so that one is a little hard to write on although just one coat completely covered the board. The glass was much smoother but required several coats to be fully covered. I stirred the paint using kabob sticks because that was about all I could find at the time! I put one thin coat of paint on both surfaces and waited until they dried. The drying time is as follows: dry to touch after 20 minutes, fully dry after 4 hours, wait 3 days before using. 

I wrote on the board after about 2 hours and didn't have any problems. I would recommend letting it sit for at least a day or two just so you don't mess it up but I know the temptation to write on it is strong!

I'm not much for typography because quite honestly I think my handwriting sucks. However, I am ecstatic with my new chalkboard and I can't wait to write all over this baby! Here is the first one I made:

Hope this helps anyone who is wanting to make a chalkboard of their own!



  1. I LOVE this idea!!! :) Haha, I have a Things to Do board and a Meal Plan board and a few others that I move pins to when I'm going to use them and then I try to unpin them, unless it's one I want to keep for reference. Is it weird that I view Pinterest as a to do list and I LOVE unpinning things (crossing things off)?

  2. Hey we ALL love Pinterest, so what's wrong with talking about it?! I think your new lil chalkboard looks adorable!!!


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